My Autumn Fashion Uniform (An Infallible Outfit Formula To-Go)

If I had to pick a transitional weather piece I can’t live without, I’d always choose the humble biker jacket.

The biker jacket, you see, it’s pretty much the Erin Brokovitch of the autumn clothing: she might have umpresumptous origins and a not-so-chic background, but she will work hard to deliver every single time. In other words, she is a champion.

I like to think of TBJ as a good friendshe will always come to the rescue when you are in trouble and fix every casual outfit (or help you burying a body in the desert at three in the morning for the matter, no questions), which is the reason why I am obsessed. For months now, I’ve been captivated by the pink one I got in the sales last year, so I decided to look a bit around and add a classic black piece to my collection. And that’s when I stumbled upon this beauty by chance. 

Once in a while, I pay a visit to my favourite pre-loved clothing stores around the Portobello and Kensington areas. I LOVE the idea of charity shops here in the UK, where you can find little treasures with a small price tag and your money will go to a good cause. It’s inexpensive, it’s charitable, and it’s sustainable. What else could you ask for?



A few weeks ago, Sebastian and I met a friend in Portobello after one of our photoshoots and decided to go for some second-hand treasure hunting. While carelessly browsing through the clothing racks, my dear friend asked for my attention. “Weren’t you looking for a biker jacket?”, she said, holding a brand-new Zara specimen (the original shop tags still on). It happened to be my size and a ridiculous price too, so I knew it was meant to be. 

The universe can work in such misterious ways: some people will lose ten pounds only to find fifty on the street, some people will find the love of their lives while saving a never-ending queue. As for me? Well, I am not that ambitious. For me, it’s all about those unexpected, sustainable fashion finds that bring me joy.

Next Saturday, I decided to take TBJ out for the first time. I matched it with this gorgeous last season Zara dress and guys, it was love at first sight: both items seemed to work together naturally. I am happy to report they are having an affair here, (and they are not planning to end it any time soon).

As a consequence, I found my brand new autumn uniform outfit formula consisting on a biker jacket plus dressthe flufflier, the better. It’s easy to put together, casual and comfy.


Since these pictures were taken at the end of August, I’ve been repeating the formula non-stop (until the extent that the husband thought he was experiencing a déjà vu, and then I had to convince him he was not suffering a stroke, but only got a wife with a fashion OCS). You might find it funny but I can assure you he didn’t… Even so, I love this seasonal outfit formula so much, I have been planning to add some more pieces to my jacket collection. (Please, feel free to send me your recommendations for colourful biker jackets: I am currently looking for pieces in burgundy, green, or red, preferably vegan options). I can see an autumnal season filled with colourful outfits.

But back to this outfit: to round things up, I added these cute patent ankle boots from Reserved and the polka dots tights from Calzedonia. As dark shorter days get closer, I enjoy playing with little perky details to provide some texture and fun. (There’s nothing putting me off as quickly as a boring autumn/winter outfit. To me, they feel like that awfully bitter sirup your mother made you take when you were a child. As you can guess, I was never great for that, really.) Dark textured outfits, on the other hand? Yeah, they feel like eating your chocolate dessert before lunch.


Unfortunately for me though, the specific day I chose to wear this temperatures dropped from 20 to 10 °C overnightmeaning that, by the time we finished out photoshoot, my lips were blue and I was shaking uncontrollably, making my best White Walker impersonation. Although the jacket was very warm, my legs felt numb in no-time and we had to seek refuge in the V&A for the rest of the day (which is one of my favourite places on Earth, anyway). The other silver linning apart from all the glorious art was that my autumn uniform works either for a casual coffee date or a day in the museum. So we had a win-win situation here.

Well, since things got a bit out of hand here and I just wrote about eight hundred words about biker jackets, I think I should be leaving it here. However, I would love to hear it all about your own seasonal outfit formulas.

What is your autumn outfit formula?



Dress | Zara (last season, similar style at Chi Chi London)

Tights| Calzedonia

Biker Jacket | Zara (thrifted, nice option available at Asos)

Ankle Boots | Reserved (last season, designer option at Matches Fashion)

Bag | Michael Korrs Mercer Gallery Leather Satchel on sale here

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20 thoughts on “My Autumn Fashion Uniform (An Infallible Outfit Formula To-Go)

  1. Dear Allegra
    Great post again! I enjoyed every of the 800 words, cause you‘re always so inspiring for me. I think I should do a bit better and watch out more for sustainable cloth… Already looking forward for your next post! It brings me so much joy every time! Best regards, Anja

    1. Good afternoon Anja! Thank you so much for commenting again. 🙂 To me, sustainability is such an important topic, and we can easily help by doing small adjustments. To me, it all started with vintage pieces but I quickly grew a true love for it!

      Thanks again for taking the time to stop and say hello!

  2. My sister has a biker jacket and it certainly is a snazzy piece, especially for cooler days when you need a little something to stay warm. I love how you have tied in the outfit to match the color of your hair and that you make an effort to be sustainable in your clothing choices. 🙂

    1. To be completely honest, I didn’t plan to match my outfit and hair. It just happens to be one of my fav colours, so it was more of a fortunate accident. Sorry to dissapoint you! 🤣

  3. Amazing post, you write so beautifully. I’m obsessed with biker jackets, they have never failed me and always look incredible with every single outfit, whether that is dressed up or down!x

  4. Wow, this is a great post! And I love your outfit! ❤️ My personal autumn favorite would have to be long cardigan, but you definitely inspired me to try and put together something similar to this. Love, love, love! ❤️❤️ ❤️

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