The typing machine girl


Hi there, I am Allegra!

I am a philologist-turned blogger  with a passion for writing, Haute Couture, arts and alternative culture. I love all things vintage, and some say I am slightly obsessed with period dramas.

Five years ago, I moved from Spain to Bucharest and became an expat. Since then, Ive had the opportunity to travel the world,  experience other countries, and learn from it all. During this process and while working online, I also managed to do some quite a lot of copy writing.

My other true love is self-expression through clothes: from Harajuku style to Western street fashion – you name it.

Rogue & Rouge is the fruit of this love for words and style.

I post here weekly, both in Spanish and English language. You will find a personal mix and match of outfits, lifestyle, vintage shopping madness and opinion pieces. Additionally, you can have a look to my Prêt-àPorter series, where I explore how to get that Haute Couture feeling on a budget. Also, please check my Honest Fashionista Diaries for a humorous approach to blogging behind the scenes.

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Be welcome to R & R.