My Super-Affordable, Still Chic Fall 2020 Shopping Guide

Oh, autumn. For many, the cosiest time of the year—a decadent plethora of Pumpkin Spice Lattes, heart-warming fall foliage day trips, and bonfires. As for me? This is the largely anticipated seasonal shopping extravaganza. Keep reading for my the crème de la crème fall 2020 shopping guide.

As the weather becomes cooler and I start spending more time indoors, there are two immediate consequences in my household:

  1. The budget for hot beverages, hardcover books, and cute but slightly unnecessary throws skyrockets.
  2. I get feverish about the seasonal news arriving at shops.

To be honest, autumn is the only time of the year when I go a bit too excited about shopping. This is the period when brands bring to the fore my favourite colour shades, fabrics, and textures, and I feel like a kid in a candy store. (To be more specific, like August Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I live in genuine fear the Oompa Loompas will come for me, someday.)

Many years ago, once a carefree English student who would spend her money not very wisely, I would go on a manic shopping spree every autumnwhich meant I was left with a tight budget for seasonal outings, books, or any other expression of a comfortable existence. But as I matured and went through an exhaustive shopping detox, I adopted the healthy habit of writing down a shopping list between September-October and stick to it. As a result, my saving accounts improved and so did my perception of shopping needs.

I am not going to lie, though: as all those gorgeous knitwear, jewel tones, and dresses arrive, I make an extra effort to rationalize my shopping list and adhere to it. (Sebastian could tell you a thing or two about my yearly transformation into Gollum, and how I will whisper my precious to every piece of clothing I see…)

But going back to the topic, the whole point is, I find shopping guides super useful and also, fun. Over the years, I have developed a fancy for them so I thought I’d share with you my favourite picks this year. And remember children: don’t blame me if you go over-the-top with your shopping this year.

Autumn 2020 shopping guide

This is my autumn 2020 shopping guide

1. The Giambattista Valli-inspired Zara blouse

Look at this beauty. What could you possibly not love about it? The neckline bow, volume-contrasting sleeve details, and plumeti texture are just to die for. The greatest bonus? This shirt does look much more expensive than it is, and it will give you all those couture vibes on a budget. Definitely, I am adding this to my seasonal picks, since I find it timeless and perfect both when on duty or out and about.

2. Next preppy style 2 in 1 sweater

Personally, I am all about sweater-plus-fake-shirt pieces: they provide you with the rare window of opportunity for looking formal, without the nuisance of wearing too many layers. They are one of my staple autumn classics. No surprise I jumped of joy when I found this gorgeous mustard one at Next recently. What can I say? I love a good old white collar over all that pumpkin/mustard knit. Don’t pretend you don’t! We all know you’re adding it to your shopping cart too…

3. The romantic ruffle trims Zara jumper

Guys, I swear God Zara is not sponsoring this post in any form, but every year around September, they start stuffing their shops with an exquisite selection of knitwear. Just to illustrate my allegation, check out this cute sweater. It’s chic, it’s classic, and pretty much the perfect off-white shade. Still in hesitation? According to their website, the material is made of recycled PET plastic (such as the one used in water bottles) to reduce the consumption of natural resources. I rest my case, your Honor.

4. The killer Elderflower halterneck Ted Baker dress

I don’t know about you, but the irredeemable curse of my fashion existence is never finding the right black pencil dress. Most of the time they can be too much, with an exaggerated cut/bold construction which will let very little to the imagination. I remember a dress I tried at home a couple of years ago and that made me feel… well, rather exposed, to say the least. And isn’t it stupid spending about a hundred pounds just to look naked? Yeah, I think so too. This dress, on the other hand? It’s CLASSY. It looks fitted but still not too revealing, with a gorgeous halter neckline and tie-bow to underline the smart look. As for the floral skirt pattern? Simply delicious. I am adding this dress to my closet as the perfect choice for an office day (with a nice cardigan), or a dinner date with the husband—style versatility is dirty talk to me…

5. The amazeballs H&M pink trench

I think we all agree trench coats are such a seasonal must-have. However, I find that we tend to buy the same colours over and overmostly, for the sake of versatility. Don’t get me wrong: I believe in buying pieces that will work with your existing wardrobe is a style key, but we can be a bit more creative without sacrificing convenience. Case in point, this gorgeous pale pink trench from H&M. I am all about colourful trench coats but this particular shade of dusty pink works as a neutral as well, which will make styling far easier. Extra points for a recycled material lining.

And this is my Fall 2020 shopping list! Everything on it is stylish and will be adding to your wardrobe for the seasons to come.

I would love to hear everything about the news in your closet!  Tell me everything about it. What are your latest purchases? Any seasonal recommendations?

(Now, if you excuse me, I will roll back to my Gollum state while online shopping…)


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16 thoughts on “My Super-Affordable, Still Chic Fall 2020 Shopping Guide

  1. Dear Allegra
    Not again just fabulous and amusing written, you hit the nail on the head again in terms of content. As autumn approaches, I would definitely be better off getting my credit card blocked. All the options for boots – overknee, ankle, etc. and then all the knitwear and coats … ok, you and I get along.
    Very well done post!

  2. Kia ora from Wellington NZ where Gollum, and therefore the Gollum state, were created 🙂 🙂
    Really enjoyed reading this over my morning coffee and brownie. I agree that Zara do some fabulously stylish pieces that don’t cost the earth. Even my husband still has a Zara coat that he bought in Kensington at least 5 years ago!
    Looove that pale pink trench. And the sweater is amazing! So good that there are more and more fibre alternatives to wool (which I’m allergic to). Nice to see clothes with a bit of femininity, frills etc.
    I don’t think we’ve had the ‘fake shirt’ look in NZ yet but I’ll certainly look out for it when our own autumn season arrives next year 🙂

    1. Hello there Carole! Actually, I know NZ because LOT films (I know, my geography is sad…🤣 )
      I dislike many things about Zara to be honest, but they do produce beautiful garments. And yes, I am all about a nice frill! Girly girl here.

  3. That pink trench coat is beautiful. I would love to have a coat like that this year. I love how you described your reaction to fall clothing. I love a good Lord of the Rings reference!

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