Pink biker jacket for women

Personal Fashion pet peeves (which will make you burst into laughter)

Pink biker jacket spring outfit

Spring biker jacket outfit for women

A couple of weeks ago, I was having one of my recurring online cappuccino dates with a friend. While casually discussing trends, she told me she hates monochrome outfits with a passion. She confessed it was one of her personal fashion pet peeves, something which annoyed her so much, she would immediately scroll down on Pinterest when encountered.

I was quite curious about the fact she felt such displeasure and when she kindly asked me what were my own style pet peeves, I gave her an involuntary puzzled frown. The fact is, I never thought about it and couldn’t even tell if I had a thing about any trend at all. To be honest, my mind went completely blank, and we ended up shifting towards a different topic. However, I would not let go and spent the next couple of weeks raking over it. My brain did not cooperate and at the end of the day, I had to admit maybe I had no pet peeve of my own.

A bunch of days later, Sebastian and I were out for dinner and run into a colleague who was wearing a beautiful floral dress. Although the gown was truly beautiful, I found myself muttering afterwards. “Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking!” And there it was I was like everyone else, after all.

Grey and pink spring outfit

A cascade of ideas flooded my mind in that very moment, the entire collection of my own personal style obsessions. And then, I concluded it would be nice to share them with you out of scientific curiosity if you please. Just to compare and check if it’s only me who cannot stand the points in the following list. So here you go…

My fashion pet peeves

(Disclaimer: these are my own personal opinions and they are meant to be read in a humorous tone. Please, do not take me too seriously.)
  1. Trainers to tone down an all over classy outfit

I know I am probably alone with this one but really, NOPE. To me, sport shoes will never look casual, but sporty. That’s the whole point about them, isn’t it? So, when I see one of those very nice grammable photos in which the girl is wearing a perfectly polished outfit just to “tone it down” with trainers, I want to cry. Are you playing a tennis match or going to an opera evening? My robotic mind displays the Logic Not Found error message every time. Sorry. It is not about you, people. It is about me. Give me flats anytime, but sport shoes are my kryptonite.

2. Mixing patterns

Let’s. Stop. This madness. I still remember when I opened a magazine to see a street fashion shot of a woman who was wearing camouflage print and tartan on the same outfit. My eyes burn to this day. Just like Phoebe’s in that Friends episode in which she discovers Monica and Chandler affair. Please, if I can make a wish, let’s leave patterns separate and use solid colours instead. Thank you.

3. The tiny handbags trend

Excuse me, did I die and went to Hell? Because that’s the only way I can make sense of something this illogical. Carrying your stuff around is the purpose of a bag, so what is the point of a miniature purse which cannot even keep your car keys? Seriously. What is the point?! It makes NO SENSE (hyperventilates on a paper bag).

Spring outfit biker jacket

4. Clothes on the wrong size

Know your size people, pleasie, please. When in doubt, just ask the shop assistant or check the sizes chart. There is nothing worse than poorly tailored clothes. Too baggy? Awful. Too tight? Even worse. You don’t want to look like a tacky version of a Marvel superhero, right? Something like Captain Clerk, the unfortunate hero whose powers come from the second cup of morning Ristretto… I thought so. Well, I have written about this before, but you can totally drop your new suit to the closest dressmaker if needed. I promise it is worth every penny.

5. Nude dress, nude shoes, nude tights… nude you

To me, too matchy-matchy is an A category fashion disaster which develops into a hilarious mess when it comes to nude tones. Without a pop of colour, a head-to-toe nude outfit makes you look… yes, you guessed it: NAKED. Please, don’t show yourselves naked on the streets. It is bad for you, it is bad for me, it is bad for all those fluffy koala cubs out there. And you don’t want to hurt the baby koalas, do you?

And this is it, folks my own personal nightmares fashionwise. Since I am a bit nosy, I would love to learn about yours too, so just let me know!

Pink biker jacket for women


Dress: Poema (sold out, similar at Alexia Admor)

Pink Biker Jacket: Reserved

Handbag: CHANEL/ Sunglasses: Vintage / Shoes: Top Shop

Earrings: Vintage (similar at Miu Miu)

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25 thoughts on “Personal Fashion pet peeves (which will make you burst into laughter)

  1. Wearing both suspenders and belts for men. Why wear braces to keep your pants in place, when you have a belt that fulfills that purpose? It’s either one or the other, but not both at the same time.

      1. There are some cases in which both braces and a belt would be practical — that is, when someone with a really prominent belly wears a pair of trousers and the pair doesn’t hold up.

        I’ve seen such a case; there was this Italian man in his 60s who wore both suspenders and a belt to keep his trousers up. Whenever I would go to mass on Sundays, I would see him rock the look – with a matching cane by his side.

      2. Well, in that case it would be understandable, but I see it as an exception or special case. A couple of years ago, suspenders were in vogue and I remember every young man with a hypster aesthetic wearing them. Most of them did wear a belt too, unfortunately.

  2. I could not agree more on so many of your points. Thank you for a great fun and yet true reading. Giangi

  3. Ha I’m definitely guilty of loving pattern mixing but I agree with the all nude outfit. I would feel so uncomfortable wearing something like that!

  4. I don’t know much about fashion but I agree with you on the tiny handbags and wrong size clothes! I absolutely hate the baggy style and find it ridiculous that some people want to look like they’re drowning in their hoody. The only time I wear baggy clothes is when I urgently need to borrow something from a taller/bigger friend.

    1. Well, I believe there is nothing wrong with a slightly baggy jumper, for instance, but we have reached a ridiculous point in which people look like children borrowing adults clothing. C’mon, it shouldn’t be that difficult to guess ones size…

  5. I actually chuckled reading this- love your writing style! I am so with you on the whole sports shoes with the polished outfit look… It’s one of the trends I will never subscribe to.

    1. Aw, thank you so much! Well, the trainers trend really confuses me, so subscribing to that is pretty much impossible to me… I wish I was joking about the whole logic not found thing but my mind is kind of schematic and doesn’t deal well with random stuff like that…

  6. This was a fun post to read! Personally I adore mixed patterns and prints, it’s my jam 😁 but my fashion pet peeves are Ugg boots and shorts😩 I can’t stand that combo, it doesn’t make sense to me because the two aren’t even close in season…I don’t get it🤔

    Natonya |

  7. I agree with most of your fashion pet peeves, especially wearing sport shoes to tone down an outfit and having a too matchy matchy outfit. I do think you can mix patterns, but it has to be done very skilfully.

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