A Pastel Fall Transitional Outfit

When people say time flies, you would normally assume they are exaggerating. At least, that’s what I thought until summer 2020, when the normal fabric of spacetime proved to be defective and decided to pack and go homealso, it gave us a finger on its way to the door, because that fellow dropped the mic and is not planning to come back any time soon…

A pastel pink fall transitional outift
A pastel colours autumn transitional outfit
Autumn transitional outfit

Metaphores aside, that is how my summer felt, anyway. In other words, it was such a short period of time (partially, due to the lockdown restrictions starting to ease in mid-June and partially due to the weather going to hell about late-August, which barely gave us a month and a half of an enjoyable outdoors summer experience), I am not even sure it happened at all.

Here in London, one day we were wearing sundresses and going out for the very first time, and the next it was colder than a witch’s tit. This left us not only with a very strange feeling, but also with the unavoidable fashion dilemma of what to wear.

With most mornings over 20 degrees and temperatures dropping below 15°C in the evenings, dressing was indeed far from easy. Mid-season is always a challenge in terms of styling. This September, though? This September was like Attila the Hun and Lord Voldemort had a child (he took no prisoners).

Seriously, what can you do when all your summer wardrobe plans crash and you need to come with an emergency plan? I’ll tell you what: you go for a pastels autumn transitional outfit.

A pastels fall transitional outfit

Case on point, these gorgeous Zara trousers I bought in the sales last year and which I only found an occasion or two to style then. This year, on the other hand, they are pretty much all I want to wear. They are the perfect shade of dusty pink, truly comfortable, and more importantthe perfect piece to build an awesome autumn transitional outfit.

Because I don’t know about you guys, but I am NOT ready to say goodbye to the warm season overnight and anything creating the illusion of a longer summer is more than welcome. With that said, I will always defend pastel tones as the perfect transitional hue: add some knightwear to the equation and you will be decently dressed for the mid-season weather while still feeling those summery vibes. Isn’t that something?

pink transitional autumn outfit

Don’t get me wrong, I could totally live in burgundy, forest green, chocolate brown, or rusty orange for the rest of my life, but at the end of August I was not ready for that AT ALL. (Indeed, my annoyance about the early season was so acute, at certain point I HATED seeing all those Pumpkin Spice Latte advertisements out there. Don’t worry, I am visiting a therapist about it now and feeling much better. Mr. Fall and I are working hard in our relationship, and I am glad to say is getting better by the day…) But I am digressing again, where was I?… Oh yes, the trousers!

In order to dress them up a littleand we all know I am on the dressy sideI went for heels. These pink-undertoned beauties came from Asos a couple of years ago, but you can find the classic Rockstud leather pumps by Valentino here. Seriously, I could buy them in every single colour and finish. That’s how gorgeous they are! (I am not sure Sebastian would be that happy though, since the home space my shoes occupy verges on absurdity. Actually, I live in constant fear one of these days I will open the closet door and you’ll need to send the rescue helicopter to recover my body from the avalanche…)

A pastels transitional outfit

But going back to the accessories, I love Vivienne Westwood and the subtle rock vibe of this necklace (you are lucky, there are some sales at the moment on their website up to 60% off!). Finally, and to round things up, I also added my Chanel Boy Bag to the equation. I ended up with an urban look with some rocky vibes and that’s all I need in autumn, really.

This is a casual style I love, and I am not planning to drop it anytime soon. As the weather gets cooler, I am simply adding more layers. My favourite at the moment is an old-good biker jacket on top to keep me warm during all those crisp autumn evenings. And there’s a vintage black Fedora hat in my closet which will join the game very soon.

At the end of the day, I might be missing the summertime but autumn is such a gorgeous season anyway. And well, everything is better by adding some pastel pink brushstrokes, isn’t it?

Tell me about you: are you embracing autumn fashion at the moment? How are you dealing with it?


Trousers | Zara (last season, similar Reiss trousers here)

Sweater | Zara (last season, beautiful alternatives at La Redoute and Topshop)
Shoes | Asos Design (old, get the original design at Harrods)
Bag | Chanel Boy Bag

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42 thoughts on “A Pastel Fall Transitional Outfit

  1. I’m just heading off for an Autumn outfit shoot and am kinda loving it. I’m not a fan of Autumn (because cold and dark are really not my things) but the styling options this season provides are totally my thang. Even if I’m going for an Autumn outfit, I’m still very glad it’s actually 20 degrees warm. Nothing’s worse than freezing during a photo shoot ;D
    I love the colours on your outfit here, the most perfect powdery pink tones. And the heels! Gorgeous stuff.

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

    1. I agree! As a matter of fact I adore autumn and the seasonal fashion. But this year was so gloomy in any senses, I think I need some more sunglight. Hopefully, the rest of September will be sweet!

  2. I love this outfit! I love the fall but this is a nice transitional color to keep summer going for a few more weeks before it gets really cold outside. And those shoes!

    1. Thank you very much Johana! The truth is, I love autumn too. I only feel it arrived a bit too fast this year. But all the nice little seasonal things are starting to seduce me already. I am sure I will totally mutate in some sort of fall monster in about two weeks. 😛

  3. Oooh this is an absolutely lovely outfit. I’m big into trousers right now. Love the shoes too. This time of year is so tricky to dress for. Especially when one day it’s 13 degrees and the next is 26!

  4. Allegra, I’m so flashed by your eloquence and ability to write! I already have problems reading😂 (because I am missing so many vocabulary). I don’t actually read blogs … But I already liked you through Insta, and find it totally interesting and also very funny – your comparison with Attila / Voldemort – to read your articles. The actual content has not yet been dealt with … I’m slowly wearing autumn clothes, but in an „onion kind of way look“ as it sometimes gets very hot again in the afternoon … I’m looking forward to your next post!

    1. Hey, Anja! Thank you so very much for taking the time to stop and say hello! ♡ I truly appreciate it, especially considering you don’t really read blogs! What can I say? I am blushing!

      I am glad to know you’are slowly getting into autumn fashion too. And your comment about the onion made me laugh (that’s exactly how I would define my style from October onwards, haha)

  5. I agree, the summer season FLEW by! Here in Canada, we had a really hot July into August, but it definitely felt like it was ending before it really even got started. I’m a HUGE fall lover – it’s Halloween all year at our house – but I’ve seen a lot of people getting creative to hold onto that feeling of summer longer.

  6. Gosh, I have no idea where summer went either – it flew by like no other year! I must say, I do love this look; I think pastels can make this pesky in-between weather a lot easier to dress for – the Zara trousers in particular are stunning! Thank you for sharing.

    Gabija | EveryLittleThing Blog

    1. Well, since I started dressing in pink for the transitional period, I am looking for more autumn-friendly light colours pieces. I need to make a bit of shopping research out there.

  7. Loving your look here and loving even more that you are not heading straight for browns and oranges and scarves! Those gentle colors let me hold onto summer a little longer. 🙂

  8. In the U.S., at least on the East Coast, we didn’t experience the unexpected weather during the summer, so as far as fashion is concerned I’m cool with making the transition to fall. My issue with transitional outfits, like you’ve pulled together so well, is I normally pack away my heavier clothes for summer. But this year, I did leave out a few of my light to medium sweaters. After reading your post, I’ll make it a habit.

    1. I know what you mean: I used to remove my winter clothes in the warm months but for a couple of years now, I keep the knitwear in a drawer so I can easily access it in case of any sudden weather change. Thank you so much for taking a minute to leave a comment.

  9. I love the colours you’re wearing and I always love pastels! As it’s spring in my part of the world I’m looking forward to pinks, lilacs, peaches, primrose yellows and soft blues.

  10. I think everyone including myself generally gravitates to darker tones of orange, red, brown and green when it comes to fall fashion. However, your take take on pastels in autumn is not only innovation but genius. Talk about a new trend waiting to happen and taking those typical spring hues on a new level. I absolutely adore the way you styled your pencil trousers with the Valentino pumps, so bold yet light and fresh! You are so fashionably inspiring to me!!

    Natonya | https://JustNatonya.wordpress.com

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