Most Hilarious Things People Say To Fashion And Style Bloggers

If someone would ask me to define the Internet in one word, I would reply without missing a beat: Weird. Yes, Internet is packed with odd, inexpleinable things and people who will be even stranger.

But I am not speaking about UFOs or paranormal activity caught on camera. (Guys, I could totally deal with those thanks to the approximately two thousand episodes of The X Files I have watched. This is far darker and uncannier.) To be specific, I am mystyfied by the number of peculiar statements I’ve been reading about the blogging industry lately. Even more so about fashion and style bloggers. I must confess it is a bit of a hobby at this point, pretty much like binge-reading detective stories and waiting for the next plot twist. Because let’s admit it—when something becomes so surreal, it turns into a guilty pleasure. But allow me to provide you with some context.

A couple of weeks ago, I was making some blogging topics research at a certain forum when I stumbled upon a thread in which people discussed style blogging. Actually, I’d rather say they were discussing fashion bloggers and many of the questions and answers were… I’ll go with interesting here.

Hilarious misconceptions about fashion and style blogging

During my first year as a blogger, I learned so many things but even today I can’t explain why people make all kind of crazy assumptions about fashion bloggers.

I can only guess they are related to the fact that blogging is a relatively new industry and people seem to have a hard time figuring out it runs just like any other business: by means of hard work. There’s no magic formula, really. And as much as I’d like to say we all spend our days drinking champagne while our bank balance grows, it’s not like that. Sorry to burst your bubble!

Hilarious assumptions about fashion bloggers

So just for fun, let me tell you about the most hilarious things people say to fashion and style bloggers. Ready? Shrieks of laughter in three, two, one…

1. What do you do with your clothes once you are done taking pictures of them?

Guys, I love this one. The first time someone actually asked me this online, I stopped for about five minutes with a very confused look on my face. What the heck? Like, I don’t know about you but once I am done wearing something, I will add it to the laundry pile, and then it’s back to the closet until—drumrolls, please—I WEAR IT AGAIN. I know, ground-breaking, right? Yes, fashion bloggers wear their clothes more than once too. Who knew?! I don’t know, maybe it’s related to the fact that they buy them with their hard-earned money? UNBELIVABLE. Which of course leads to the following point in the list…

funny assumptions and misconceptions about style bloggers

2. How can fashion/style bloggers afford their clothes?

Dear readers, I am going to tell you a secret: there’s an obscure pact between bloggers and other people involving the transaction of labour and money. I think the call it… how was it? Working?

Yes, as much as this might surprise you, bloggers work too (sometimes they balance a 9-5 job with their side hustle, in case they are not fortunate enough/aren’t interested in blogging full-time). So basically, we pay for our clothes—and food suplies, living place, bills and other expenses—like anyone else. Not everyone buys couture and those who do work to do it. So pleasie please, stop asking us how we afford clothes. It’s kind of embarrasing (a bit weird too).

3. All bloggers in the fashion industry work with professional photographers

Sure, we do! And we also have our own stylists team, hairdresser, and make-up artist. I even hired a girl whose only job is to cheer me up every time I try an outfit. I call her Amanda.

No, most bloggers don’t enjoy the rare privilege of a professional photographer. Personally, I’ve been lucky enough to hire one a couple of times a year for complex projects (and only by planning/budgeting in advance), but most of the time I work with my husband or I take the pictures myself. For most bloggers though, that’s always the case. We spend a substantial amount of time (and money) learning a new set of skills such as photography and editing to improve the quality of our content in the long run. It requires patience, as well as a good dose of humour. Thanks God I’ve got Amanda…


4. Style bloggers spend all their time shopping

And drinking champagne, taking flights to the next exotic holiday destination, and using their Manolo Blahnik shoes to hold their doors. Yeah… not really. What bloggers do most of the time though is writing blog posts, brainstorming for fresh ideas, taking/editing photos, pitching projects, replying emails… You get the idea. Not so exciting, right? Actually, it’s rather similar to any other job in terms of time management—only with more multi-tasking.

5. You guys must be full of yourselves to post your face all over the internet

Guys, let’s play a game: can you guess what is the bane of my blogging existence? Exactly. Posting my face all over the internet.

I started blogging motivated about the writing aspect since I studied English at university and words keep a special place in my heart. Having my picture taken, on the other hand? Not so much. I am shy—plus an introvert, and slightly socially awkward, if we’re going to be totally honest here—so you can imagine that posing in front of a camera in the middle of a busy street is not my comfort zone. As a matter of fact, I always try to look for quiet locations or work in the early/late hours, when the risk of me panicking and freezing over some stranger decreases exponentially. Visualize a deer paralized in front of the car hadlights. Right, that’s me.

So please, don’t assume we are all a bunch of narcissistcs just because our job involves imaginery.

And this have been the most hilarious things I have heard people telling to fashion bloggers. Now it’s your turn: What is the most hysterical nonsense you have read/listened out there? Share and let’s laugh together and bit longer.

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13 thoughts on “Most Hilarious Things People Say To Fashion And Style Bloggers

    1. Sí que lo hacen y resulta gracioso cuando es por desconocimiento pero también un poco embarazoso cuando es por mera mezquindad. Yo he optado por verlo desde el lado del humore y no tomármelo muy en serio. ¡Gracias por comentar, Tatiana!

    1. To be completely honest, I am not surprised. I think people tend to dismiss any female-dominated industry. Plus, blogging is still “a new thing”, which makes people even more confussed.

  1. Cool post! I used to be a fashion blogger and yes…..these are the kinda comments I received from readers and also office mates. Especially comment no. 2, 4,5. Btw, your blog is now one of my favorite fashion blogs. It’s because you shared cool stuffs about fashion that are different from other fashion bloggers. Plus, I like your writing style. Keep on the good work ok. And love that purple sundress.

    1. Hey Fadima! It’s always nice getting to know another former fashion blogger. I think those comments are rather frequent, and although I mainly encounter them online, I have also received them from acquaintances. I guess it’s just a matter of time and educating people. In between, thank you for your nice words. I’ll keep with the hard work!

    1. I wish I was joking… As an exercise for fun, I would suggest visiting Answer the Public website and then introducing the key words fashion bloggers in the search bar. Just saying. 🤣

  2. Dear Allegra
    That is a really interesting post. For me, it just seems to be a problem people have with these kind of platforms, like Instagram, YouTube etc…The whole thing with commercials and stuff like that changed over the past ten years. For many people it is not clear, are you doing advertising and getting paid to show a special piece or are you showing your cloth, paid with your own money. You know what I mean? That is why they ask you „stupid questions“… I guess it is that way!? I think, that this industry needs to grow much more and people have to realize, that Bloggin etc. is a way to WORK. And that this whole thing is sooo much work. They just don’t realize, because they don‘t see the work behind a picture for example…
    I really have to say, that I try to stay away to read any nonsense. Don’t want to be angry about stupid people and their behavior, because I sadly can‘t change them. Life can be so damn short, I don’t wanna waste my time with stupid things like that. Hope You’re doing fine!? Here in Germany we are having the next „small“ Lockdown…Looking forward to the next post! All the best for you!

    1. Hi Anja,
      welcome to my place once more.
      I think what you said is rather reasonable and it was quite fair before they introduced new rules for a more ethical blogging industry. I don’t know in Germany, for instance, but here in the UK we have the Advertising Association (ASA) which in collaboration with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) launched an official code of ethics for Influencer’s and Content Creators. As such, we are all supposed to make clear when pur posts are ads, no matter if they are paid adds, PR samples, gifts, events invitations and other. As most influencers and blogger do stick to the rules, there’s no possibility for the audience to be deceived.

      However, there’s still little trnasparency about the number of hours is behind content creation and I think it’s our responsability to educate people about it.

      I don’t take it personally, really. I see it more from the backrow and like something rather comical.

      Thank you again for taking the time to read and leave thoughtful comments.



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