I Found The Best Luxury Silk Pyjamas at Larolas And I am Celebrating It With A Give AWay

Mulberry silk pyjamas give away

Have you ever felt like you were looking for that perfect piece of clothing forever? That’s exactly what I experienced for the last two months while looking for the one pure silk pyjama set that would finally make my skin feel amazing. The one pyjama set to rule them all.

The story began last March during one of my casual chats with a friend. We were talking about how your typical cotton sleepwear always seem to leave sleep marks all over your body and how this is one of those unavoidable curses that come with age. It’s a bit of a bummer, really: one day you are in the flower of your youth, all flawless skin, and the next you got sleep marks all over your face and body, and you look like the victim of an ancient Egyptian jinx. As a consequence, if you are anything like me and a bit of a drama queen, there is a good chance you spend five minutes every morning complaining about it because #SOUNFAIR. Guys, I wished I was joking here. I am not though and Sebastian can tell you about ALL the morning moaning while I apply my skincare…

At some point, I got sick of it all and after a fair amount of research I decided to give silk a go due to its well-known anti-aging properties.

I tried it all guys: I searched in every online sleepwear shop I knew, spending an amount of money I would prefer not to admit publicly in what seemed to be the search for the saint pyjamas grail (and Indiana Jones thought he was on a challenging quest, tsk…). I tried high street brands at different price points and I only got more and more dissapointed.


And as I was about to give up though, I received a message from the wonderful people at Laloras, asking me if I would like to test one of their 100% long-strand pure Mulberry silk pyjama sets. And although in all honesty I was quite sick of the whole thing at the time, I decided to give it a final go. And guys, I am so glad I did!

They kindly ordered the Tina Washable Piped Silk Pajama Set in cupid rose for me, together with some of their sleepmasks and scrunchies. One week afterwards, I got the parcel in the mail and decided to test the products right away and see by myself how much of a difference (or not) could I find. As the sceptic creature I am, my initial plans consisted in trying the sleepwear for a couple of weeks before allowing myself to form an opinion on the matter.


With all of this in mind, I prepared for bedtime on the first night (a.k.a ‘experiment session number one’ if you fancy) and, to my surprise, I noticed that the fabric did feel notably softer when compared to the bunch of pyjamas I had already tried. There is something about pure silk that makes me think about water since it’s so soft and light to the touch.

The watery texture is due to the composition of their products which is mulberry silk, considered the highest quality and most expensive silk. (Fun fact: in case you don’t know, mulberry silk comes from the Bombyx mori silkworm, a species whose diet consists exclusively of mulberry leaves, making it one of the rarest and more exquisite fabrics in the world. So yeah, you are totally authorized to feel like an empress when wearing it. Actually, feel free to call me Sissi from now, as far as I am concerned…)

Silk luxury sleepwear give away

Next morning, I woke up and headed to shower and I got shocked by the fact I could not find a single sleepmark in my body. I repeat: not  a single one. What kind of witchcraft was that?

So, this bad boy is not only hypoallergenic, breathable, 6A Grade 100 percent pure mulberry silk, but also woven of silk charmeuse, which feels lighter and drapes incredibly well. HA! You see where I am coming with this, right? I was so impressed, the sceptic planning went out of the window as soon as experiment session number two… (And now you know why I never made it as a researcher at the WHO. Oops…)

But the whole point is, the two-month-long Indiana Jones style quest in search for the perfect anti-aging pyjamas was finally over and I would feel good enough on my skin to rest—and in style too.

Guys, we made it to the end of this review already, so it’s time to talk about our give away. To spread my love for their sleepwear, I am partnering with Larolas to offer a lucky winner a prize of silk accessories. Head to my Instagram account today for a chance to win before Sunday the 30th! I promise you will no regret a thing.

Good luck all contestants!



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11 thoughts on “I Found The Best Luxury Silk Pyjamas at Larolas And I am Celebrating It With A Give AWay

  1. This sounds like the perfect silk pijama! My sister has been wanting to get one for ages so I need to let her know! I love the silk sleep mask too x

  2. I love the feel of silk and these pj’s look so comfy and luxurious! Thanks for sharing!

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