the best autumn trousers out there

Getting Rid Of My Fear OF Trousers: Shopping For The Most Beautiful Autumn Pants Out There.

The perfect pair of trousers for autun.

I think we can all agree the pandemic has changed many things for us: mostly our daily habits and the way we interact with others, but also the way we dress.


Before February 2020 and the successive lockdowns, we had a rigid dressing etiquette. We knew what to wear to the office or the school drop-off, and it was crystal-clear at all times. Nowadays though? Well, not so much. With the implementation of remote working and a rare social life for months, the lines have blurred since the start of the pandemic, and style guides seem to be almost outdated. Before 2020, the idea of wearing yoga pants at the office, for instance, would have made most of us cry with laughter. These days, on the other hand, nobody raises an eyebrow while working from the comfort of the living room in their gym clothes.

Hear my unpopular opinion here: I don’t know about you, but I think this has made things more complicated. My formerly all-purpose closet seems a bit too much now, and I find myself guessing twice about what to wear (even for the most mundane daily errands). Like, is it still OK to wear a pencil skirt dress to the office? Or should I be toning it down? Because these days, it feels like EVERYTHING needs to be toned down. Dresses are suddenly too much, and so are high heels, nice suits, and tailored skirts. I feel like I went to bed in 2019, and then I woke up the next day in a world where trainers and track pants seem to be the only acceptable policy and the content of my closet should be set on fire.

And OK, it’s not like an angry mob is going to chase me around the block with forks and torches for wearing a skirt and my Manolos—although that is nightmares material to me and also, the plot for a Hallmark movie nobody would pay to watch— but it does provide me with a new inadequacy feeling I did not need. (I already feel inadequate and self-conscious most of the time without all this post-pandemic fashion nonsense, THANKYOUVERYMUCH…)

Most perfect trousers on the internet.

So, what is the solution here? Should I burn down all my clothes and start from scratch? Well, that would surely be a solution, but if you are anything like me and earning the average professional salary, chances are you can’t afford to throw away the entire content of your wardrobe and move on. Plus, that wouldn’t be very ethical or sustainable, would it? Instead, you might end up working with what you already have and building on it.

For months, I’ve been thinking about creative solutions over and over. I am not gonna lie: I am NOT your casual kind of gal. Rumor has it that if you search for extra in the urban dictionary, my picture will come across… So, no, I will not fix the issue by getting myself some sporty clothes. (Sorry to disappoint you if you thought this post was heading that way.) Sure, shifting to a more casual style would make my life easier, but it would also make me miserable. And I think 2020/2021 was bad enough without adding a self-esteem crisis to the equation.

What, then? I can hear absolutely no one asking! Well, the logical conclusion is this: I need to add some pieces that feel a bit more everyday-friendly and can be easily styled for casual occasions but still feel like “me”. Easy, right? Oh, my sweet child of Summer! If only! But this is easier said than done. A quick look at my wardrobe is enough to see I am a dresses and skirts lover, with a soft spot for formal clothes. Trousers, on the other hand? Yeah, I don’t love those so much—and that, guys, is the understatement of the century because the truth is I HATE most styles with a passion. Like, dress me in jeans and I will cry for three days, probably (I wish I were joking here, just ask Sebastian about it…) 

I don’t know why I feel so bad about trousers (and more specifically jeans), to be honest. It might be that you HAD to wear them every day at my high school to stop drawing unwanted attention from the local teenage bullies. Or maybe the fact they don’t always look great when you are as thin as me. Whatever the reason is, I have never liked them. To me, trousers have always been the clothing equivalent to the Boogey Man, if you please.

Zara trousersr

However, I do own a few pairs of trousers. And for some reason, I always gravitate towards them when looking for something a bit more down-to-Earth to wear (especially during the coldest months). Now, that’s a plot twist, isn’t it? So yeah, I tend to avoid wearing jeans at all costs, but I have one or two pairs of nice trousers that I don’t completely hate. Mainly, to look less high-maintenance—and also to feel like a normal human being. With all of that in mind, I took a conscious decision: I would get rid of my fear of trousers and add some more to my collection. (But not jeans, people—I do have boundaries, after all.)

So last September, I spent a couple of idle mornings wandering through the city centre, consciously looking for some alternatives that would suit my style. The first stop was Zara, where I was reasonably successful in the past by adding some basics to my wardrobe. After visiting a shop or two in Oxford Street—and after an epic fail while trying on pants that would make me look like Betty Spaguetty doll—I finally found a pair I truly liked. It was a classic cut, high-waisted, and had some coat of arms style button details that made them feel special. Actually, these trousers gave me Chloe vibes immediately, and they were a fraction of the price too, so I decided to give them a go and visit the fitting room. And guys, I am so glad I did.

The trousers (as you can see in the picture) are the perfect shade of beige you can mix and match with almost any colour palette. I am all about pastels in Autumn as you might remember, so I paired it with this lovely dust pink blouse (also from Zara). I feel they are super easy to style, especially for office attire. Throw a nice shirt and heels and you are good to go! Also, they hug my figure in the right places and don’t make me look too slim. Win-win, people! So for once, I am wearing some pants that I don’t just tolerate but I truly like! How great is that? As a matter of fact, I like them so much I am already looking for similar alternatives in different colours. And I mean, for someone afraid of trousers, that’s a huge achievement, guys. So please feel free to send any nice alternatives to me! Anything with a similar cut will do. 

In case you have got a similar problem, or you are simply looking for some nice trousers to wear this Autumn, I took the liberty of looking for the most beautiful pants to shop on the internet. See my personal curation below and let me know if anything catches your attention!

Pretty trousers this way: have a look here, here, and here. Let me know what are your favourites!

the best autumn trousers out there


Trousers and Blouse (Zara) | Bag (Strathberry) | Shoes (Dorothy Perkins, last season)




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4 thoughts on “Getting Rid Of My Fear OF Trousers: Shopping For The Most Beautiful Autumn Pants Out There.

  1. These trousers look really great on you! I pretty much live in trousers myself and probably have a fear of dresses and skirts that I need to work on as I just don’t feel as comfortable in them. I do need to update my trousers that I do have though so I will look into different styles, etc! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Well, for starters we should wear what makes us feel more confortable and happy. 😊 If you’re keen to try new things, that great, but if you don’t, that great too. Thanks for taking the time to say hello!

  2. I’m with you! I don’t like trousers and I prefer formal wear at work. Maybe a little more casual on Fridays. Even though my boss says smart jeans and t shirt are fine, I prefer to keep the casual wear for home. Putting on formal work wear makes me feel like a different person, if that makes sense. A bit like an actor getting into costume to play a certain role.

    But back to trousers. As I’m a pear shape, they look terrible on me. And I find them uncomfortable, digging in at the waist when I sit down. Dresses are my go-to, because they are adaptable to formal or casual wear with the right accessories and are soooo comfortable. But trousers do look good on other people. Love your photos.

    1. I totally feel you there! To me, formal clothes are kind of a façade that helps me to make the mental switch to professional mood. Working from home has been rather different for me during last year!

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