Beautiful Spring Outfit Ideas for Life After Lockdown

Beautiful spring 2021 outfits

After what seems to be longest, dullest winter that ever was, we are seeing some shy signs of Spring arrival around here in Londonand all I can say is FINALLY!

And yes, I know I might sound like a broken record at this point but c’mon, it feels great to get a real reason to feel joyful and carefree. In case you don’t know, London has been in lockdown intermittenly from last November (although it feels like since Biblical times, as far as I am concerned…) but as March rolled out, our government started the path towards return to normal life.

April was the month when we finally got some non-essential services back such as salons or shops, and most businesses and leissure activities will be allowed between May and June. How glorious is that?

And as much as I am looking forward to spend some time out and about soon, the other huge motivation for me is the prospect of wearing ACTUAL clothes! I mean, actual clohes to go outside and do real life stuff? Count me in! THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

Amazing spring 2021 outfit

cute pring outfits

And because we will all be out and about very soon, I thought it could be exciting sharing some outfit ideas for all of those coffee dates with partners, catch-ups with friends, an nice seasonal walks coming our way.

Case on point? This classic black and white number with a pop of colour!

Because guys, I love a nice blouse + circle skirt combo (basically, this is something that will make me think of Audrey Herpburn everytime and if it’s good enough for her, who am I to even disagree?)

First of all, let me just tell you that I am #obsessed with this blouse. Like in, ‘if I could marry a blouse, I would file divorce from the husband in a second’ kind-of-obsessed. This one is from Oasis Fashion and as soon as I saw it, it gave me all the Zimmermann vibes—but also, it was a fraction of the price! Unfortunately, it is out of the stock now, but I have found a similar one at Gucci for the high-end lovers and another beautiful option at Oasis for those who prefer high street.

Beautiful spring 2021 outfits

The skirt on the other hand? It’s one of those timeless pieces you can wear over and over and that will look fantastic any occasion (I have lost track of the number of times I have worn this over springtime over the last few years, to be honest. At this point, it’s more a family member than a piece of clothing, really. Let’s just call her Aunt Margaret and call it a day…). This one, I mean, Aunt Margaret is an old purchase but you can find similar alternatives here, here, and here.

Regarding this lovely colour-pop of a bag, it is courtesy of The Cambridge Satchel Company. In case you haven’t read it yet, you will find all you need to know about it in the review I wrote back in January (but just so you know, my love for the Cloud Bag is still going strongand yes, I am planning to add some more pieces to my ever-growing bag shrine soon because we all know you can´t really have too many nice bags, right?). (Well, as a matter of fact you can. Especially if you live in a modest-sized London apartment and you have to choose between bag space and bed space. But that’s a whole other story for other occasion.)

But back to the topic and to wrap things up, I will link some more seasonal blouses and skirts for all the spring outfits you will be wearing very soon. No doubt there will be plenty of opportunities to wear nice spring outfits again!

Are you excited to be wearing real clothes very soon?

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15 thoughts on “Beautiful Spring Outfit Ideas for Life After Lockdown

  1. Love this outfit, but I must say that the blouse stole my eyes as well as the bag!! Finally weather in London has been more lenient even if it always love to wash down some rain. x

  2. So nice to see lacy feminine blouses coming back into fashion. I love your outfit, including the spotty tights 🙂 Over on this side of the world we’re moving into winter so it’s sweaters, scarves, coats and hats time.

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