The Cloud Bag review: What I Got for Christmas

This Christmas many things were different at home: we couldn’t visit our family in Spain, spent the holiday on Tier 4, and had to make last-minute arrangements as a consequence. But even so—and as many people out there—we did our best to keep the festive spirit up.


Hence, we cooked a delicious dinner, had a Skype board games family meet up on Christmas Eve, and exchanged presents, as usual, the next morning. Maybe, it wasn’t the kind of celebration we had in mind but, against all odds, it was truly nice.

To be a hundred per cent honest, I was expecting it to be a bit Dickensian due to the whole Christmas cancellation drama here in London (in case you do not know, the prime minister played the Ebenezer Scrooge card and forbade any celebrations a couple of days before holidays, which left us with the slight but undeniable feeling of being trapped in some weird version of A Christmas Carol, really). However, we came to terms with it by deciding that a simpler Christmas did not mean a sad Christmas, necessarily. After all, it’s not like we were eating gruel on rags or anything…

But back to the topic, one of my favourite things about the holiday is Christmas morning. I love preparing a bottomless festive breakfast and sitting comfortably afterwards, looking at Sebastian’s face while he opens his presents. This year though? This year, he decided to be the one surprising me.

I was given several amazing gifts (the guy does know how to hit a nerve) but he left the cutest for the end. And guys, I was in awe!

The Cloud Bag by The Cambridge Satchel Company Review

Sebastian did know I’ve always had a thing for The Cambridge Satchel Company partially because I am all about everything handmade and craftmanship, and partially because their bags have got a certain vintage vibe I cannot resist. Also, I’ve always admired the fact they started the company at their kitchen table with a £600 budget, and only two years later, they were working with Comme des Garçons. Their bags have been featured by the Italian Vogue, wore by style icons such as Alexa Chung or Lady Gaga, and the company has worked with Vivienne Westwood and Melissa among others. To me, they are the indie equivalence of a Birkin, and their image as a brand it’s all about reflecting on freshness, youth, and the cool factor.

As a result, every time I pass across their London shop in Seven Dials, I stop and spend a good half an hour looking at the never-ending selection of leather goods. I can tell you this: I would get their whole catalogue keenly and not regret a thing. A couple of weeks ago, we passed across the shop again and Sebastian realized there were huge sales inside so, while I was inside drooling over their pieces, he made a secret list from my favourites.


On Christmas morning, I received the beautiful Cloud Bag in pale lilac (in the pictures it looks more like blush pink but I promise it is the most delicate lavender tone you can ever imagine), with pale gold hardware, and gorgeous Celtic grain. This specific model is one of their best-sellers and usually out of stock, so I was over the moon he managed to find it in my favourite colour option. How awesome is that?

Another amazing detail is the company offers the possibility of customization for every piece so, Sebastian went the extra mile here and engraved it with my initials in gold foil. In case you wonder, he won the prize for the best husband in 2020. Period.


I can tell you guys, this bag is the new love of my life and I cannot wait for things to go back to normal, so I can wear it everywhere. I am dying to see how many Spring outfits I can get out of this cutie. (I’ve got a dress in mind it will totally work with…)

In terms of size, the bag is small but still fits my phone, keys, wallet, lipstick, and cardholder. So it’s not only aesthetic but also a practical addition to my collection. Win-win situation!

If, like me, you are in love with the bag and planning to get it (I might be playing with the idea of starting a little The Cambridge Satchel Company shrine at home, given the number of nice models they produce…), the good news is they have got a 30% discount sales at the moment, which applies not only to the Cloud Bag but to most lines. So hurry up, before they are gone…

And well, at this point I wrote almost eight hundred words about the bag—we all know I have a thing for long bag reviews when I love my purchase— so I am going to leave it here for now and let you go and stalk The Cambridge Satchel Company website for a while. You are welcome!

Have you heard of T.C.S.C. before? What did you receive for Christmas?


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10 thoughts on “The Cloud Bag review: What I Got for Christmas

  1. It‘s always a joy reading your posts, Allegra! I think, everyone can read and feel the love for the things you talk about! Your husband is such a kind and attentive Person! The bag is absolutely amazing! Hope it will be spring soon, because I‘m really excited how you will style this Beauty with your lovely dresses…!

    1. Hey Anja! It’s always such a pleasure to know you’re reading. 🙂 Thanks for taking a second to comment too. And yes, I like to think I am a hundred per cent honest about the things I review here. To me, there’s no point in reviewing something you don’t love!

  2. I heard so many good things about this company and always had one of their bags on my list, but haven’t bought it yet. This looks absolutely too cute too pass, I would start wearing it around the house just because it can wait until we can go out again! Thanks for sharing x

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