Seven Days of Christmas Outfits: Day 3 The Covent Garden Festive Extravaganza


Few things compare to the joy you experience on a festive street market.

To me, they are spaces where you can embrace your inner child, see things through candid eyes again, and recover a bit of your original capacity to marvel. In this sense, I must admit London delivers a full magical experience: from crazy building decorations to outdoors markets, the holiday season is breath-taking all the way.

As you may have deduced from the post title, for day three of my Christmas blog installment Sebastian and I visited Covent Garden. I knew the place has been always praised for the amazing effort they put into tuning the festive spirit but I wasn’t prepared for the magnificence of the street decor.



Every shop decors its own Christmas tree with a given topic: fashion, perfumes, jewels, etc. (Which, by the way, are far from fairly represented in these pictures since the place was crowded and it was pretty much impossible to take decent snaps and avoid people at the same time. Sorry, all you get are some photos of me posing in the most isolated corners and my sincere apologies. If you in London though, please pay a visit. I promise it’s totally worth it.)

My favourite spot was Tiffany’s decor extravaganza. It included a snow-covered area, an ice rink, and a lovely giant snow globeall coloured in the famous Tiffany’s pastel blue, of course. Unfortunately and to Sebastian’s despair, I spent a considerable time amount at their sales booth, trying to figure out what to add to my Santa list. But hey, this girl cannot just pass by an eye-catching festive Tiffany’s stall and ignore it (or not to become Gollum, for the matter).



But speaking about my outfit, just a few days before gift-giving day was the perfect occasion to pulling out all of my favourites. Burgundy and cream are such timeless colours, they effortlessly create the perfect holiday chromatic combo. By choosing satin and some gold notes, I added some more festive notes and packed a classic Christmas look.

So far this season, this is one of my winter best-loved outfits. This glorious skirt is a great find from last autumn, while the bag is a Japanese design vintage piece I found in Tokyo a couple of years ago. To add a bit of texture and interest, I also put on some snowflakes-patterned tights from Calzedonia. All the pieces are quite different but still work together, creating a unique look. When it comes to style, I am all about mix and match and creating interesting outfits you can’t find anywhere else. To me, finding your style is deeply related to treasure one-of-a-kind pieces.

And this has been all for the third day of my Christmas outfits week.

Let me know about what is important for you when it comes to festive style and in between…





Skirt: Primark (pink version here) / Sweater: Zara

Bag: Axes Femme (vintage, similar here)

Scarf: Thrifted (similar here) / Hair clip: Versace




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