must have fall skirt

Fashion Find Alert: This Must-Have Fall Skirt Is More Affordable Than You Think

The very moment September hits, I start hoarding all things burgundy.

There’s no denying my Autumn closet is mostly monochromatic: from the deepest shade of mahogany to the richest currant tone, every single burgundy hue is represented there. And while I am always happy to test other tones in the seasonal palettemustard, forest green, and gingerbread are some of my favouritesI owe my loyalty to burgundy.

For some reason, I find this colour to be universally flattering: It looks great on almost everyone, but also looks great with mostly everything. It is the ace in the matching-outfits card game. Think a second about it—burgundy pairs well with forest greens, navy blues, rich browns, jet blacks, and even some shades of pink! To be frank, it never stops to amaze me how much wear I get out of it.

Hence, it is no shocker I fell in love instantly with this must-have Fall midi skirt.

But let me tell you the story from the beginning.

When we first landed in London four weeks ago, my luggage was packed with sundresses, perky shorts, and sandals. Unfortunately, I didn’t consider that the weather here in London was “slightly” cooler than the 35 ‎°C we were experiencing in Timișoara at the time. (And by that I mean my legs turned blue on the first attempt to leave the house in shorts. You can call me Smurfette from now on.) As a consequence and until our belongings arrived seven days afterwards, I found myself with nothing to wear. Fun times, right?

Obviously, I did the only sensible thing: Shopping!

The perfect autumn midi skirt

After a couple of hours at the closest mall, a nice pair of leather trousers and some decent knitwear made it to my shopping cart. Then, I went to Primark looking for inexpensive velvet hangers and was absolutely amazed when I spotted this glorious satin skirt (I know! Who could have guessed?). It was the perfect wine shade and the fabric felt surprisingly nice to the touch.

I have always been an advocate for stocking up on the items you know you’ll wear on repeat. Once you know your style inside and out, you can easily recognize those items you’ll wear to death. In the past, for instance, I have told you about my personal obsession for slip dresses and this totally extends to satin skirts too (I am a total sucker for delicate fabrics). In my experience, the price range for decent quality pieces goes from 30 to 60£ or more. This beauty was less than 15£ though! C-R-A-Z-Y. Since I could already predict I would restyle it countless ways (for cool Autumn evenings, I love to layer satin and silk with a good chunky sweater and ankle boots, while a nice blouse and blazer is my to-go choice for office), I didn’t give it a second thought.

Because let’s be honest here: there’s nothing that gets me more excited than finding a luxury vibe item with an affordable price tag. This perfect satin midi skirt not only delivers that decadent expensive look, but it’s also burgundy. Win-win situation here!

Fall satin midi skirt

Michael Kors Mercer bag

After a few weeks of anticipation, I finally decided to wear the skirt and guys, I am so glad I bought it. For our first visit to Notting Hill (the first of many to come, surely) I went a bit over the top by pairing the skirt with a lovely high-neck sheer top, and the most comfortable Mary Janes on Earth. To finish things off, I am wearing Dior Rouge in Fifth Avenue, my beloved Gucci belt, and the newest addition to my bags collection: the Michael Kors Mercer bag!

Once we took some pictures in the neighbourhood, we moved to Portobello market for brunch and I couldn’t believe the number of compliments I received on my skirt. In all honesty? I felt like a million dollars.

I am a firm believer in the Anna Wintour philosophy of mixing-up designer and inexpensive pieces. It gives your outfit some flavour and you prevent the risk of looking like a living brand advertisement. So now you know: when looking for a versatile skirt to add your Autumn closet a bit of glamour, pay a visit to the closest Primark shop. It will only cost the price of a Costa latte and muffin. You’re welcome!

What is the last amazing fashion find you have made?

must have fall skirt


Skirt: Primark (available in stores only, pink version here)

Sheer Blouse: Asos (sold out, similar at Nordstrom) / Belt: Gucci / Bag: Michael Kors

Mary janes: Deichman (sold out)

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11 thoughts on “Fashion Find Alert: This Must-Have Fall Skirt Is More Affordable Than You Think

  1. Wow!!!!!!!! Beautiful skirt. I love the cutting and colour. I used to love shopping at Primark when I was staying in Manchester 10 years ago. Now I am back in Malaysia and there’s no Primark here. I kinda missed Primark…

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