Five stunning dresses on sale you cannot miss

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If you have been feeling the most undeniable lack of enthusiasm lately, expressed by a never-ending string of sighing and grumble that even the occasional morning smoothie cannot fix, do not worry: it is not you – it is the January blues knocking on your door.

Let´s admit it at once: with the Christmas chocolate leftovers far gone and the gloomy weather view through the office window, there are not too many reasons to be a January fan. Abandon hope all ye who enter here… And STILL, I try to search for silver linings. In the first month of the year, we celebrate my husband birthday, the opera and ballet season is in full swing, and the weather is cold enough to wear some of my favourite coats.

Also, there is another big bonus – the January sales! If that´s not a reason to beat the January blues, I don´t know what it is. Since the snow season is being quite harsh this year, I have found myself spending a lot of time indoors, scrolling through my favourite online shops. So I thought it can do no harm to share a collection of five stunning dresses on sale we should all admire (and yes, probably buy).

To add a pinch of salt, I decided to describe them according to what I call The Cinema Verité Method™. So basically, I will tell you how I imagine myself wearing them on a film and then, what it would probably happen, like… in real life.

Five stunning dresses on sale you cannot miss.


Gossip Girl outfit

  1. The Gossip Girl one (Conscious by H&M)

Isn´t this a dress Serena Van Der Woodsen would totally wear?

Or in this case, let´s say the episode guest star, a.k.a. me in case you did not guess… (As IF I could be in Gossip Girl show, LOL). Let´s all pretend I could play some mysterious Spanish friend Serena made during her European adventure in season two. I imagine myself all wrapped in tulle, wearing matching Jimmy Choo to enter the ballroom… and then falling down the big staircase. Because I don´t know about you guys but I cannot, for my life, make a slow-motion grand appearance wearing high heels AND a long dress. My character would be in the show about five seconds and then die of a skull fracture. The dress is gorgeous, though.


Downton Abbey outfit

2. The Downton Abbey one (Claudie Pierlot)

Just look at this beauty: it is a simple tea dress, still elegant and with a vintage vibe.

Personally, I think this is a gown you could see in the upcoming Downton Abbey film (please, tell me you are as excited about it as I am. Otherwise, we cannot be friends.) Well, this is for sure something I would wear to have tea with the Dowager Countess of Grantham and Lady Edith, most likely plotting against Lady Mary  – because come on, we are all on Lady Edith´s team, aren´t we? And although I would be glad to be a guest at the Abbey on a regular basis, I can only imagine my character lifespan would be rather short once again, especially considering I feel a deep connection with horses but my riding skills are a twelve years old (because literally, that is the only period of my life I tried to learn). “It is so distressful, lady Grantham! Didn´t you hear Miss Caro fell down the horse this morning? The poor soul broke her neck instantly.” Er… maybe I should start being more careful, after all.


The Great Gatsby outfit

3. The Great Gatsby one (Zara)

Before I start, I should probably tell you I have quite a thing for slip dresses.

They always make me think about old Hollywood glamour, the pure awesomeness of Galliano collection for Dior in 1998, and the effortless majesty of Keira Knightley in Atonement, which is probably the reason why I keep about a dozen of them in the closet.

Now, I believe this is a dress a party girl would wear at The Great Gatsby. Even if (like me) you don´t really love the most recent movie adaptation, you must recognize the costumes are quite awesome indeed. So yeah, I would pair this with some YSL and maybe the well-known Miu Miu tiara, and drink champagne all night long. However, my social agenda is much more unattractive (Oh! Alas…) There are many chances you find me wearing this with an oversized jumper on a Saturday evening. Probably eating a pizza. The modern glamorous life of the plain and infamous!


Mad Men outfit

4. The Mad Men one (Phase One)

I love this dress so much, I am only one click away to buy it.

It is a bit like the holy grail of the Winter dresses: it is made of silky velvet fabric, the colour is the perfect emerald green, and the shape is undoubtedly flattering. As an added bonus, it also happens to have a certain je ne sais quoi that reminds me of Joanie in Mad Men. Well, I might not be Christina Hendrix for sure but I do enjoy a nice dramatic gown as much as the next girl. So if you excuse me, I think I will hit the buy button and then plan to which of my absolutely fascinating outings to the closest Star Bucks I will wear it to…

The devild wears prada outfit

5. The Devil Wears Prada one (H&M)

I don´t know why but to me this dress could be the perfect affordable option to Hathaway´s most iconic daytime looks in the movie. Add a pair of nice long boots and a trendy hat, and it could totally make the trick. And it costs only a fraction of the price tag! Can I hear a double hooray here, please?

If I were in that movie though, I would probably end up with a giant coffee stain in the dress and a snappish anxiety attack while running through Manhattan streets. Personal assistant life is probably not for me.


These are my five favourite dresses on sale right now. I would love you to share your own sale crushes too. Show me all the gorgeous gowns, skirts, coats and bags in your own wishlist.

And remember, wearing dresses can be dangerous: Don´t try this at home!


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14 thoughts on “Five stunning dresses on sale you cannot miss

    1. It is truly beautiful, isn’t it? I believe you need a good ocassion to wear it to justify the price tag, though. I guess we need to attend some nice balls then? 🤔

  1. I LOVE everything about the first look you’ve created. Seriously wishing that I had an occasion to wear that dress. Also, as a beauty lover, I really like how you’ve incorporated beauty products within each look. ❤️

  2. I live the ideas but don’t agree with the people! That dress is stunning and affordable but not blatantly sexy enough or busty for serena, jenny maybe! Tv jenny though, not book. I loooooove that mad men dress though, i think i need to look into owning that chevron style!

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