Brunch outfit ideas you will wear all Spring long

Ideas for Spring brunch outfits


noun [C] Perfect state of grace achieved by the successive viewing and consumption of a decadent feast, frequently composed of avocado toasts, benedict eggs and rosé on a glorious Sunday morning. Also refers to a general peaceful mindset.

Let’s talk about brunch. If by any chance you are a Gossip Girl fan (and let’s be honest, we all are, aren’t we?), you can’t help but think of perfectly arranged silver trays crammed with smoked salmon and ruby red fruit, people wearing white, and a pinch of snobbish tedium floating in the afternoon atmosphere. That is all well and good but personally, I am not that much of a Vanity Fair character: Once in my wild early twenties, I accidentally discovered that a quick shower followed by a sushi-based brunch was the best hangover fix and, although my party girl days were left behind, the Sunday brunch habit remained to this day.

Brunch is a natural way to recharge my batteries after a long week a sort of regenerating ritual. Sometimes, I will simply tie my hair in a knot and wear sunglasses. Sometimes, I will enjoy the chance to dress up a bit. To me, it is all about having some quality time but I believe you don’t necessarily need to take style out of the equation.

Spring brunch outfit ideas

Outfit for Spring

Easter outfits ideas

I don’t consider styling (or even a fashion interest, for the matter), to be a synonym of high-maintenance. Instead, I see it as an integrated part of people who enjoys being creative through clothes. With the arrival of nice weather, dressing up is easier and also a bit more interesting, so I thought I could provide you with some basic tips on what to wear for a Spring brunch. Of course, none of these are completely fixed but general recommendations, rather than rigid rules.

  1. Printed dresses (and yes, we can include Spring florals this time)

Generally, I am not the biggest fan of seasonal florals but I must admit they are quite cool for an early lunch date since they make you look fresh and cheerful. Let’s make a concession and welcome them to our wardrobe for once. In case you don’t like pastels or shiny colours, there are plenty of other options. Burgundy is timeless and a total winner for me, but any shade will do.

2. Blazers and cardigans

You can pair your dress with a nice chunky cardigan or a blazer to keep yourself warm and cosy. A favourite of mine is this lovely velvet private school-style jacket I got in Paris a couple of years ago. The main point about blazers is they make you instantly chic with about zero effort. Win-win situation here.

3. Comfortable shoes

You might feel like dressing up but Sunday should be a day of rest. Forget about those Blahnik stilettos and choose some flats instead. After a long working week, your feet will appreciate the gesture.

4. If you go for trousers, Capri pants are your friends

Not into dresses? No problem. Capri pants are chic, still comfortable. You can pair them with a nice white shirt or Breton top and get those instant Parisian style vibes. Untuck your blouse and enjoy that extra room for all the crispy bacon and dreamy bagels.

5. Keep make up minimal

There is no point in losing some precious minutes by applying makeup on a Sunday morning. In case you feel like using some of your favourite products, just tone it down. After all, it should be all about enjoying the off time to rest. Also, your skin will be happy to breathe for the whole day and take advantage of all the delicious nourishing food properties.

Thank you for reading my latest The Prêt-à-porter Series installment. The next episode will be opened for suggestions so, in case you are interested in any specific topic style-related, please feel free to leave a comment in the box below.

Let me know what are your personal preferences for a Spring Sunday brunch.



Dress: Vintage Chic for Top Vintage (sold out, pencil skirt version here)

Blazer: Axes Femme (old, similar here)

Handbag and shoes: Deichman/ Sunglasses: Vintage / Cuff: CHANEL

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12 thoughts on “Brunch outfit ideas you will wear all Spring long

  1. Allegra!! Girl you are a model! Lol. I haven’t done brunch in AGES but I agree a dress is your friend. I love to eat and I always go for a big plate and lots of drinks so a dress hides my ever expanding tummy. I always go for comfort and I love to do my makeup very naturally anyway. My brunch theme is always to look like a glowy goddess who is about to devour the entire kitchen. goals. // Olli

    1. Hey Olli! A model. LOL. As if… 🤣 🤣 🤣
      But now seriously, I am in your team for loose dresses on lunch. Just give me all the possible room for food. And YES, totally loving the glowy goddess image. You go, queen. 👑

  2. I love the outfit combo–especially the jacket. I live for a nice blazer. As soon as you mentioned Gossip Girl, the clip of waffles, OJ and other food assortments came to mind! Style should definitely not come out of the equation. Look good with a happy tummy!

    1. I am all about blazers too Miranda! And about food, really. So yeah, anything which gives me room enough to acomodate a growing belly is appreciated. 😂

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