Seven Days of Christmas Outfits: Day 2 Christmas Afternoon Tea

In terms of Christmas activities offer, London remains unrivaled. Being one of the liveliest cities in the globe, its seasonal festive palette can be only described as vibrant—a never-ending sequence of street festivals, music concerts, drama plays, and parties. In my eyes and as an aspiring Londoner, this is a bit overwhelming sometimes: indeed, it feels like the city never sleeps. There’s always another event in the calendar, or another party to attend, which may be exhausting (not to mention not that great for your finances). Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change that for the world, but this much physical activity can take a toll on you. Hence, I am regularly looking for new ways to relax and recharge my batteries.

Undoubtedly, one of my favourite relaxing winter activities is Christmas afternoon tea.



The main reason is that it does allow you to shelter from the dropping temperatures and unwind while having a nice conversation over delicious food. In case you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, you probably know how much I love a good ol’ afternoon tea. (I look at tea like Popeye looks at spinach, only without all that let’s-save-Olive mumbo jumbo. Sorry Olive but you’re kind of needy, and I have no time for this much drama, you know?) But where was I? Oh, yes, afternoon tea. Well, you get the point, don’t you?

With this said, for day two of my festive blog installment, I decided to spend a nice relaxing evening at Fait Maison. For those of you who don’t live in London, Fait Maison is a local chain of tea houses, well-known for its beautifully spiced food, fabulous patisserie, and dreamy venues.


In other words? The kind of heavenly place you will find me during a frigid mid-week December evening, sharing wonderful food with a friend. Case in point: I arranged a meetup with a new acquaintance from London and proceeded to spent a good part of a foggy (and otherwise miserable) Wednesday talking arts, London designer exhibitions, and interior design (she’s brilliant at the latest, by the way. Just check out her blog and don’t miss her bedroom renovation post, which is basically interior design goals to me!)

But back to track! Speaking of Christmas afternoon tea, I decided to dress up and channel the holiday spirit with festive forest green waterfall pleats and sparkling silver accents. The best about this outfit? Each part is a standalone statement piece and works wonderfully as separates. Win-win here!

When it comes to seasonal outfits, most people will go for a festive green and red or gold game, but I think black and silver accents give you that magical feel without being a total cliche. Also, black will enhance forest green and you can add some drama by creating volume and texture. (A light-weight petticoat did the trick this time, helping to add a bit of puff to my circle skirt.) Et voilá! A classic Christmassy outfit for afternoon tea or any other glamorous occasion!

And this is it for day two of my week of festive outfits!

Please, share your thoughts on your own seasonal traditions. Are you fond of Christmas afternoon tea?




Skirt: Chicwish / Sweater: Zara / Tights: Calzedonia

Shoes: Deichman / Bag and brooch: CHANEL 



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8 thoughts on “Seven Days of Christmas Outfits: Day 2 Christmas Afternoon Tea

  1. Christmas afternoon tea sounds festively wonderful! I can’t say I have ever tried it but I would definitely give it a go! For some reason this summer I had about 6 different afternoon teas so I’ve taken a break for while but I really love the idea ♥ x

    1. I love how beautiful festive afternoon tea looks here in London. They really make an effort with the food selection, as well as presentation. You should totally give it a go.

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