The best Satchel in all the land: Michael Kors Mercer Gallery Leather Satchel

Do you believe in soulmates? Personally, I don’t but I do believe in bag mates.

Bag love is totally a thing: when you find the one, you know it. In my opinion, it is pretty much a long-term commitment—if you are lucky enough to choose the right piece, the relationship may last a lifetime. And I am being quite literal here. This cutie is nothing but solidly made!

My love story with the Michael Kors Mercer Gallery Medium Leather Satchel began last August. During my annual birthday trip to Budapest, I went for a shopping spree at Andrassy Avenue. Once I entered the local Michael Kors boutique, I spotted the Mercer immediately. It was love at first sight. Do you know when your average romantic comedy girl sees her love interest for the first time, the time slows down and all of a sudden, she hears Tom Jones music playing in the background? (Ok. Maybe not Tom Jones. But it is MY romantic comedy, right? I shall have my sip of absurdity, thank you very much.) That’s how I felt, anyway.


Mercer Mercer Pebbled Satchel

Continuing with the burgundy theme I have adopted lately and which I don’t plan to put aside any time soon—if you were expecting me to stop this monochromatic madness once Fall is over, you’re going to feel very disappointed. Sorry about that…—I had to go for the oxblood colour option, obviously. It is classy, it is timeless, and it elevates any Autumn outfit instantly.

The Mercer Gallery Medium Leather Satchel is a luxury handbag specifically designed for the twenty-first century cosmopolitan busy girl. As a matter of fact, it’s one of my go-to choices for mostly every occasion: from long weekend plans to hectic working days packed with endless business meetings. In these pictures, I am wearing the middle size and let me tell you that I feel like I found the Mary Poppins bag. For a satchel of its size range, its capacity defies physics. It is THAT good. Generally, I’d never expect something this stylish to be also functional, but Michael Kors cracked the code with the Mercer bag.


Michael kors handbag review

Michael Kors mercer gallery leather satchel in oxblood

the mercer gallery satchel oxblood review

The interior is divided in three sections: a zipped compartment with pockets for your more sensitive personal belongings (wallet, phone, keys and the such), and two more for the rest of your stuff. Believe it or now, I usually carry a cardigan and an emergency scarf since the extra room is so generous. The zipped space includes a key leash. No more digging through your bag to find your keys! Genius.


the best satchel bag this autumn

Being the kind of person who will carry everything but the kitchen sink with her, I am truly amazed about how much you can fit in this bag. On a regular day out, I can easily fit my wallet, ebook, phone, keys, transport card, makeup pouch, emergency manicure set, flats, cardigan, umbrella, headphones and snacks in the Mercer satchel. Not bad for medium size, right?

Oh, and did I mention you can monogram it too? I learned about this option too late, but will definitely go for it when I get my next Michael Kors. (Hello, Nouveau Hamilton! I am looking at you, gorgeous thing…)

Definitely, this is one of the best additions to my bag collection so far, and I am sure more Michael Kors goodness will arrive to my closet soon. (But I can’t promise it won’t be bugundy too…)

What is the latest addition to your own bag collection?




Blazer: Axes Femme (sold out, alternative here) / Bag: Michael Kors

Skirt: Zara (old, alternative here) / Shoes: Primark

Cashmere scarf: Thrifted (similar at Burberry)



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  1. That bag is beautiful! The color is just amazing. I’ve been in a burgundy phase as well and I see no end to it anytime soon haha

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