designer shopping in budapest

What to do in Budapest: Designer shopping at Andrassy Avenue

Michael Kors Budapest

Andrassy utca budapest

In the many years we’ve been together, Sebastian and I have started a bunch of family traditions: there is the one about the Christmas Day pancakes extravaganza and the one with my youngest sister staying with us for holiday every Summer. Three years ago, we visited Budapest for my birthday and we enjoyed the experience so much, it became a tradition of its own automatically.

Usually, we take the chance to go for a long city break, spending about three-four days in Budapest. In case you are not familiar with the Hungarian capital and its many charms, let me tell you it is worth a visit the food is delicious, with a plethora of high-end, Nouvelle cuisine, and traditional restaurants to choose from, and don’t even make me start about the beauty of the urban landscape.

But the thing is, you can already read about it all out there, since there is plenty of information online. Instead of telling you how much I love the sunset by the Danube or writing another endless post about visiting Budapest Castle, I thought it would be much more interesting letting you know about other not well-known activities. Let’s talk shopping, for instance.

Luxury shopping in Budapest

In Budapest, one of the best kept secrets is the quality and variety of the local shops: from luxury to vintage, and from handcrafted to the high street, you name it. Every year, I pay a visit to my favourite boutiques religiously, in search of one seasonal bargain or two and the city never disappoints.


Of course, this year was no exception. On the second day of our trip, we had a late breakfast at Muvesz Kavehaz in the opera district, and then proceeded to go for some window shopping at Andrassy Avenue hello, did someone say shopping awesomeness?

Unfortunately, the Gucci and Burberry shops close on Sundays but LV, Pinko, and Michael Kors open to the public on the weekends. By mid-August many of them were still holding seasonal sales (now, that’s what I call a birthday present), which was the perfect excuse to splurge on something nice. Who can say no to a beautiful designer bag on sale, after all?

At the time, I was looking for a good quality leather bag in burgundy or wine to complete my Autumn collection so, as soon as I entered Michel Kors and saw this beauty, I was sold to it (do not worry: there is a proper bag review coming your way). I asked to the very nice shop assistant to let me try it and then I knew it was the one. Sebastian, on the other hand, said it was quite obvious the bag was going home with me based on the way I was holding it and mumbling “My Precious!”, which totally sounds like me to be fair…

budapest luxury shopping

designer shopping experience in budapest

Once we left the store, we had a nice long walk all through the neighbourhood. Sadly, the Opera House was closed due to some renovation works on the façade, so we skipped the planned visit and enjoyed the rest of our morning wandering around. And let me tell you that, every single time, we are amazed on how gentle and warm are people around the luxury district, specially while comparing with more popular destinations like Paris: we can only say good things about the working staff in most shops, who are really helpful and welcoming. Definitely, Andrassy Avenue does deserve a visit while in Budapest.

Shortly afterwards, we left the district for our booked tea time appointment at the Four Seasons Hotel but that is another story and shall be told another time…


Have you ever visited Budapest?

If so, what are your favourite shopping locations?


designer shopping in budapest


Dress: Poema (sold out, skirt version here)

Shoes:  Zara (old, similar at Gianvito Rossi)

Bobby pins: Anthropologie (sold out in their website, some stock here)

Other accesories: Off brand




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12 thoughts on “What to do in Budapest: Designer shopping at Andrassy Avenue

  1. I love shopping! My boyfriend is from Hungary and we’re going next August. I can’t wait! He doesn’t appreciate anything in Budapest because he lived in Hungary, but I think it’s fascinating. Now I also have an excuse to go shopping! And please post the bag!

    1. Hi there Casey! I am so happy you are visiting Budapest soon. I am quite sure you will both enjoy the trip. The place is just radiant in the summertime. And yes, I will post in the bag very soon, so stay tunned! 😉

  2. Budapest is really stunning! I haven’t been there enough time to explore a lot but its on the list. 🙂 I actually don’t have any designer things, because I always think they are way out of my budget, but maybe I will need to look into them and maybe get some staple item that will hold for a while.

    1. I totally see your point: I used to think exactly like you but over time I started learning and using some tricks for designer shopping. I buy pre-loved and also on the sales and I figured out how to budget to save some extra cash that can go to my investment pieces. It is all about using planning ahead.

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