Tulle skirt Summer uniform (and that ridiculous ice cream photo shoot)

Oh, Instagram! That wonderful platform where real-life physics do not operate — cities are covered in vibrant sparkling colours, there is a floral market in every corner, and you always get that perfect ice cream shot that screams Summer.

Last Wednesday, Sebastian and I went for a morning coffee break, and I thought it was the chance to make an attempt to get my own flawless ice cream photo. Because, what could possibly go wrong? (Lol. Like… everything?)

In my mind, we would reach the shop early in the morning when the heat was still tolerable and then happily take at least a dozen pictures of me making a pose with my flamboyant pink tulle skirt and appetizing gelato. Fashion editorial style. I could even take a couple of additional photos of my hand holding the ice cream in front of the shop placard to upgrade my Insta feed. Easy peasy, right?

Guys, if I could step back in time, I would slap me in the face.

Summer pink tulle skirt outfit


Sebastian (who knows about photographic conditions a bit better than I do), tried to warn me it would not be that easy. Did I listen to him, though? Instead, I enthusiastically arranged my outfit the previous night: that new silky cami top I am loving so much at the moment, and my favourite Carry Bradshaw-ish skirt.

Yes, we left the house early in the morning. Yes, we arrived at the Italian ice cream parlor in no time. And yes, it was still closed. Apparently, for some unknown reason, you can’t get decent ice cream in this city before noon.

At that point, we started feeling that external factors were aligning against us (feel free to start calling us John Snow since we know nothing), but decided to shoot some pictures in the meantime and wait for the shop to open. Sometimes, you need to be a bit flexible with blogging after all.

Tulle skirt Summer outfit

Summer tulle skirt outfit details

And so we did: we took a few photos, made some errands too, and came back as soon as they opened. And let me tell you that, by twelve o’clock it was effing hot. Actually, scratch that it was sun-surface kind of hot. So yeah, we felt like eating ice cream. We chose something we liked, went out and started taking phone photos of my delicious hazelnut gelato, which started melting in about one minute.

We realized we had little time before there was nothing to photograph, so Sebastian did his best to capture the moment which was… ahem… let’s say interesting.

What it should have been a flawless Instagram momentum with a chic girl enjoying a cheeky Summery treat, turned into a messy scene with a not-so-chic girl trying to do some serious damage control. The keyword here is trying.


summer tulle skirt outfit
What it should look like versus what it actually looked like…

Envision a crazy fashionista fighting to get a photo, while cleaning the mess with a napkin between shots, and laughing hysterically during the whole process. Charming.

After a few attempts, we decided that the perfect shot was not happening at ALL. Instead, we started laughing about how stupid we are because, c’mon, we’ve been doing this whole blogging thing for a while now and we should know better. So, we order a second ice cream (delicious, really) and sat down to enjoy it as normal people would.

At least, no tulle skirts were harmed in the making of this post.

So tell me, people: what’s the silliest thing you have done for a blog post or Instagram picture?

Summer pink tulle skirt outfit


Cami top: Zara / Tulle skirt: Chicwish (old, similar model here)

Shoes: Asos / Bag: CHANEL

Earrings: Vintage (similar at Miu Miu)

Bracelet: Antique / Pendant: off brand

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13 thoughts on “Tulle skirt Summer uniform (and that ridiculous ice cream photo shoot)

    1. A friend who owns an ice cream shop just explained to me that artisan ice cream melts quicker than its industrial counterparts. That’s the reason why we experience so much trouble. It would have been useful to know it before.😂

  1. I love how real this post is – looking at Insta sometimes, and even many blog posts, nobody ever seems to refer to how frickin hard it can be to get the pictures! Your shoot still looks like so much fun and the gelato; super yum!

    1. I get you, it is a personal pet peeve of mine, indeed. It shouldn’t be that hard to openly talk about it since it can be helpful to others (and why not? It is part of the blogging fun too).

  2. Why is this me? Haha I for sure have had an encounter like this. Where I try to take cute pictures with props that are melting or something and it doesn’t work out! Although I think yours came out pretty cute to be honest. Also I loved the picture where it was your shoes, skirt and purse.

    1. Well, I guess it is all about identification: if you are a blogger, it is kind of unavoidable to experience a certain degree of mess at some point. 😂 It is a part of the business, I think.

      And thank you! It comforts me to know someone liked the result in spite of the whole disaster. 💘

  3. This is so hilarious 😂 I never took an ice cream photo but I must say, the pics turned out flawless!! Your ootd is on point too!👏🏾🌸 I liked how your post shared bts moments. I’m so awkward taking pictures in public, I don’t have any funny stories. I’m still trying to figure out how to be more confident taking my photo and letting a friend do it for me.

    O I have a black tulle skirt I never wear because it’s in the back of my closet, totally forgot about it. Maybe I pull out in a few weekends 😁

    Natonya | https://www.justnatonya.wordpress.com

    1. Thank you! I had quite a clear idea in mind about the pics, but they turned out different. Still happy about them, though. 😋

      As for posing in public, I find it quite strange too but I am slowly starting to feel more relaxed. Also, sunglasses help a lot. They are my invisibility shield! 🤣

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