The Ultimate Yellow Trench Coat: Fashion Find Fridays

There are a million things I love about London: the architecture, the food variety, the people… But among them all, a favourite of mine will always be the local pre-loved/vintage market.

The best yellow trench coat this autumn

During the last six years as an expat, I’ve had my fair share of travelling around, so I know a bit about vintage shopping at this point. Budapest is simply amazing for antiques hunting, while Tokyo second hand luxury market is to die for. But London is something elsea refreshing oasis for all the thirsty thrift lovers.

Only in London, the pre-loved offer seems to be never-ending: From flea markets to antique boutiques, and from designer outlets to charity shops. The party is never over.

By wandering around the Kensington and Notting Hill areas, I’ve been adding high-quality pieces over the last year. I feel like these shops are sort of a fashion black hole, where you can loose the track of space and time while browsing through piles of stunning dresses, bags and accessories. I am sure one day I will enter just to emerge in 2040 or somethig. I will do it flawlessly dressed, though.


Being a slow fashion fan, I can only describe the last twelve months as amazing. Every time we enter a specialized shop I will find at least one piece I love. I am not joking guys: the quality is usually so good, even Sebastian will chase me around the shop in question, bringing me one piece after another. “LOOKZ!” he will invariably say, “It´s a designer skirt! In burgundy! You need to try it now.” (And I usually will, mostly because burgundy is my personal cryptonite and I can’t say no, really.)  But back to the topic, let me introduce you to the newest addition to my Fashion Find Fridays portfolio…

The ultimate yellow trench coat!

Oh, she’s my pride and joy! Look at her, isn’t she just gorgeous? Although it seems like a lifetime ago now, there was a time when I used to dislike trench coats (I know, CRAZY). But things are different these days and I can’t get enough of this beauty.

The best yellow trench coat for autumn
Olivia Buton wattch
Dorothy Perkins yellow satin pumps
The best 2020 autumn trench

She is the perfect shadesomewhere between lemon and butter— which makes this trench the perfect match for all those vibrant spring and summer outfits. It does help that I’ve been developing an insane taste for the colour since last year and it’s basically flooding my closet these days.

Also, the fabric is light to the touch and yet warm enough to wear it in September. Win-win situation here. As for the cut? It’s truly quite a structured piece, with well-tailored shoulders, a flattering waistline, and lovely details in the form of a nice satin trimming and over-sized buttons.

Since I bought it back in June, I’ve got lots of compliments and questions about it. So, I feel like a million dollars every time I wear it. The best part? It costed about twenty pounds and it was brand new!


About one month after the purchase though, I found these amazing yellow satin pumps at Dorothy Perkins (which by the way, are now on sale: you’re very welcome!), and had to buy them since they were the exact same colour. How often does that even happen? I can tell you I am over the moon about it!

But let’s go with my favourite part: the five stars points system!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I am going to give four stars and a half to my fashion find this week, mostly because the fit was slightly big for me (I am between sizes) and had the waist tailored in order to reduce some inches. Even so and overall, I am truly happy with the purchase and I would totally but it again. I think this has been one of the most interesting additions to my wardrobe this season.

Although this is a vintage piece, I have looked for some beautiful yellow trench alternatives for you. All the links are below.


Trench coat | Vintage (similar alternatives at Farfetch and Asos)
Shoes | Dorothy Perkins Yellow Gladly Satin Court Shoes

Watch | Olivia Burton Marble Florals and Grey Lilac Leather Strap 34 mm watch

Blouse | Max Azria (old, lovely alternative at Lilysilk)
Laser-cut miniskirt | Zara (last season, brilliant option at Revolve)

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8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Yellow Trench Coat: Fashion Find Fridays

  1. The ultimate yellow trench coat indeed! I love the vibrance of the color and am again blow away at how closely your shoes match the look! The little sparkles on the shoes, the watch, and bag add a nice bit of contrast. 🙂

  2. Oh wow!! You look amazing! I’ve never worn a yellow coat as I always thought it attracts too much attention but this has changed my mind!

    1. That´s right: I wouldn´t say yellow is a subtle colour (not even close to that) but I believe it can llok sophisticated when styled on a witty way. Thanks for commentng, dear.

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