How to Wear a Tulle Skirt in 2020 (Without Looking Like A Ballerina)

Worried about the ballerina look outside of a performance of Swan Lake when wearing a tulle skirt? Not in my watch! I have you covered…


In the six years I spent watching Sex At The City, I learnt a few interesting lessons from the show: Manolo Blahnik will ruin your life, friends are family, and it’s probably better to avoid dating eccentric Russian artists. But most important, you can totally wear a tulle skirt and carry away with it. (Pun intended…)

Before SATC entered my life, tulle skirts seemed to be the epitome of a style faux pasa capital sin capable of transforming someone chic into a clueless fashion victim. However, as my relationship with the show developed over its six seasons, I came to figure out a few things about the main style icon Carrie Bradshaw, including but not limited to:

  1. She sipped Cosmos the way you and I drink water (don’t try at home, kids. You will have to trust me with this one)
  2. Mr. Big was a not very nice human being but she had her own luggage too
  3. She could rock the hell out of a tutu

In terms of style, I felt like Carrie was reinventing the wheel! I had been living in a white and black world and suddenly discovered technicolour. In that old, dusty world tulle skirts exclusively belonged to ballet performers and maybe circus tightrope walkers. But not anymore! It was time to leave fear back and start experimenting.

how to wear a pink tulle skirt

Unfortunately, it took me a while to fully understand how to wear a tulle skirt in any situation.

As most experiences when walking my style path, it required a good dose of trial and error (I am a slow learner guys, what can I say?), as well as an embarrasing number of class-A fashion disastersdon’t make me ramble about the 2017 Christmas Eve tulle massacre. I would cry, you would cry, and we would never ever be the same really… But I like to think it was all worth it at the end. Eventually, I felt confident enough to wear them in public and adopt them as a part of my signature style.

So, what is the magic formula to looking great on a tulle skirt? It’s all a question of following a few steps. No secrets here!

Bear with me for the top five tips to rock a tulle skirt in 2.020

How to rock a tulle skirt in 2020

1.  Tone it down with a graphic tie

Look, tulle skirts are dressy and unless you tone them down a bit, it will look like you’re all set-up for an evening at the opera. Now, that’s all good and well but unless you have tickets for La Traviata, you might feel a slightly overdressed in most situations. The solution here is rather obvious: you need to tone it down. A few things scream casual as loud as a graphic tie does, so pick up a nice one and you are good to go. For me, it was this cute t-shirt I got last year at StarShinners, but there are plenty of chic options out there (like this cute one at River Island (already on my shopping cart) or this lovely one from Pretty Little Thing). And yes, I totally have got a thing for French inspiration t-shirts.

 2.  Mix it with stripes and get the Parisian chic look

Another of my absolute favourite options is mixing tulle and stripes. Personally, I feel it gives you all the Paris girl vintage vibes and you can’t wrong with that, can you? I mean, how could you say no to looking like a modern Brigitte Bardot, right? Can I hear the amen here? Choose a nice striped tie or sweater and you’re done! Case on point? This gorgeous Boden top: it has got that gorgeous boat neck, it’s soft to the touch, and absolutely chic.


3. Add a bike jacket to make it edgy

This is a simple way to add some interest to your outfit while making it edgy. Guys, I am not gonna lie here: I love a good old biker jacket over my tulle skirts, especially in Autumn and Spring, when you can make the most of the weather by adding a warming layer. (Actually, I love a biker jacket with mostly everything but that’s a different story for a different post. And I can guarantee that will be a long one.) The good thing about bicker jackets these days is they come in every colour you can think of, so you will be always able to contrast/match your skirt.

4. With a turtle neck for a classic look

A turtle neck is such a versatile piece, it goes basically with everything (a tulle skirt, nice tailored trousers, an astronaut jumpsuit… you get the idea). So it’s no surprise it is one of my favourite ways to style a tulle skirt. The combination makes any look sophisticated and yet wearable, no matter the ocassion. Personally, I like to add some texture with cashmere but the options are endless.

5. Make it special with some lace

Now, it is possible you are wearing a tulle skirt for a special ocassion like a date. So, the dilemma here is  how to dress it up and yet avoid the fatal ballerina looks. Easy-peasy: add some lace for a dramatic effect. Then, you can pair it with heels and some nice jewelry. I can guarantee you will look great.

And these are my top tips to rock a tulle skirt in 2020.

Have you tried any of them? Let me know and share your experience.

wearing a tulle skirt without looking like a ballerina


Skirt | Chicwish (old, similar here)
Graphic Tie | StarShinners (now on sale at Wish)
Shoes | Dolce & Gabbana (old, beautiful alternative at La Redoute)
Bag | Chanel Boy Bag (available for a fraction of the price at Farfetch)

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22 thoughts on “How to Wear a Tulle Skirt in 2020 (Without Looking Like A Ballerina)

    1. Aw, thank you so much Chloe! Tulle skirts are so much fun, I definitely recommend. By the way, I tried to return the commnet but the page shows me a “private” message. I sent an invite request, though. I hope that’s ok?

  1. These are such good tips on looking fabulous! I wish I had the confidence to try and pull this off and one day I will. Right now, the only time I wear a tulle skirt is for halloween, but only because that’s a time when most dont pass judgement on others looks, lol. I absolutely love the look on these pictures and those shoes go great with the outfit! Thanks for sharing these.

    1. I am ver sorry to hear you dont feel free to wear whatever you wish. Many years ago, I used to feel like that (I am froma small village where people can be rather judgamental), but as time went by I decided I was dressing for me and life is just too short for taking things too seriously. All my empathy and support!

  2. Great tips! I love tulle skirts and I do own one but I’ve never worn it out. Only to take photos in. I kinda associate them with Instagrammers, standing outside Peggy Porschens but I’d love to know how to style one for a day out!

    1. Well, I think fun clothes belong to fun people and I am sure you will find a place to style it and wear it (no matter if it’s at Peggy Porschen or your local groceries store). 😉 Have fun and don’t overthink it!

  3. I think my love of tulle skirts began thanks to Carrie Bradshaw! This is great advice.

    My flower girls are going to have Tulle skirts with long sleeve lace tops for my wedding next year x

  4. This is a lot of fun. Honestly, I’ve never considered wearing a tulle skirt out and about, however, I have seen some amazing pictures of people with black skirts that have me thinking I want one myself! I might just have to give it a try…

  5. I love your outfit and this was such a great post! I havent tried any tulle skirts yet – the furthest I’ve pushed the over-the-top skirt envelope was satin and pleated. But I definitely plan to, especially after this! ❤

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