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I have got a confession to make: I am into hunting. I don’t mean living things, of course (far from it!) but to be more specific, I am into style hunting.

To me, a few things can compare to the pure excitement I experience when finding a clothing piece I love. Although I don’t consider myself a serial shopper at all, I spend a considerable amount of time browsing through my favourite fashion websites and apps, visiting vintage shops, antique markets, luxe and high street boutiques. As I have defended previously, the main secret behind an awesome wardrobe is time investment.

Chloé Summer silk dress

From my middle-twenties on (when I finally stopped drinking cheap rosé, making very questionable style choices, and being a total Zara shopaholic) I developed a healthier relationship with clothes. I had no words for it at the time but looking back now, I realize I made a transition into slow fashion, and as a result, my life quality improved a lot. Like in Carrie Bradshaw-finally-stopped-buying-designer-shoes-and-got-out-of-debt kind of improvement… Yes, guys—it was that bad.

The main consequence of my shopping habits change was a healthier savings account, but also a progressive closet upgrade. As time went by, less quantity mostly meant better quality. And I thought it would be a nice idea to start a brand fresh blog series, featuring all those astounding pieces I find out there.

Case on point, this amazeballs Chloé dress. This beautiful velvet-trimmed silk-crepon dress had been in my wishlist FOREVER. Partially because the initial three thousand pounds price tag was intimidating (and a bit of a cooler) to say the least, and partially because at the time it seemed to be out of stock mostly everywhere.


A few months ago and just as we entered lockdown here in the UK, I was checking my Vestiaire Collective app and browsing through the Chloé category when I suddenly found the dress. Now, for those of you who are not familiar with it, VC is a pre-loved and vintage website which specializes in the couture and luxury marketsand just so you know, it is my BFF these days (or it would be if it were a person and I could invite her over dinner or for cocktails every week, that’s how good she is…). But where was I…? Oh, yeah, THE dress.

As it happened, I found this marygold number in mint condition and with no visible signs of usage. As far as I know and given the fact it looks like brand new out of the store, it was probably only tried on or wore once and then sold. The best part? I only paid four hundred pounds, which is not even close to the original retail price!


The gown is pure silk, light and soft to the touch. As for the shade, it’s vibrant and yet delicate. The cut makes me think of all those gorgeous pieces I used to drool over while watching Downton Abbey. It feels like a second skin and it’s truly comfy to wear in warm weather. In one word, we are speaking perfection here folks. So let’s roll-on and proceed with my favourite part…

Time to introducing the five stars voting system!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

In this occasion, I am giving this Fashion Find Friday five stars. Not only was the dress amazing in terms of condition and price tag, but the shipping was surprinsgly speedy. Vestiaire Collective has a wide selection of items stored in their central warehouse in Paris and it takes only a couple of days to reach you when shopping from Europe. Also, they check every item to be sure you are getting only what you pay for (no designer knockoffs there). What else could you ask for?


Dress | Chloé (now on sale at My Theresa in capuccino colour option)
Bag | Vintage (similar Cult Gaia  & Aspinal of London Hat Box Handbag)
Shoes | Deichmann pumps (last season, similar Reiss Paula Gold Leather Strappy Sandals)
Accessories | Accessorize Starburst Pearl and Crystal Headband


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26 thoughts on “The Chloé Dress: Fashion Find Fridays

  1. You have to love the feeling when you hit on that great deal and the dress is not lacking in quality. I love that you bought this piece second-hand.

    The colors and style are indeed deserving of five stars! What a dress to treasure. 🙂

  2. Confession time for me too: I’m not a fan of this one. Too fussy for my taste. But you look lovely in it anyway and if you love it that’s all that matters! Great bargain though, to find something you love at a fraction of its original cost. That’s awesome 🙂

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