The Killer Outfit Formula That Works Every Time (Even When You Have Nothing To Wear)

Fashion-wise, a few things are as annoying as waking up early on a Monday morning just to find yourself stuck in front of your closet for half an hour, with absolutely nothing to wear.

To me, that used to be a periodic drama I would represent every week—rain or shine. As time went by, this daily habit became a toxic routine which would make me feel nothing but anxious. Actually, the mere idea of getting dressed on a working day had the power to give me headache in about five minutes. Please, rise your hand if you’ve been there too… Yeah, I thought so.

I am not going to lie to you: it took me a while to recognize I was in desperate need of help (and by “a while” I mean a few years, really…) All things consider, I am kind of surprised my husband did not call for an intervention. Guys, it was THAT bad.

I truly got sick of it: sick of the morning coffee getting lukewarm while I stood there, wrapped on a wet bath towel after shower, stressing myself out over yet another #firstworldproblem. At some point, I started feeling like I had no energy for this. After all, Monday sucks even without all the fashion drama.

All I usually do when I encounter a style dilemma, I asked myself what would my favourite fashion icons do but it was far from helpful. (We all know Blair Waldorf would simply go for a shopping spree in Paris which is not very realistic here, is it?) So, I did the only sensitive thing—I trusted my fate to Google gods. After a bit a few weeks of online research about styling tips, I mixed the most useful advice and, as time went by, I developed my own quick-fix styling rules.



Let me tell you a secret: ever since I started using this outfit formula, the amount of time I spend dressing every morning has decreased dramatically.

This provides me with a time window to start my day more relaxed, have a nice breakfast, and get my day started smoothly. As this has been one of the life-changing adjustments I’ve made over the last six months, I decided it could be nice to share it with you all.

So here you go: the ultimate outfit formula that grants you always have got something to wear.

1. Choose a statement piece as the axis of your outfit

Ever time I start planning what to wear, I will select a central piece for the rest of my outfit to gravitate around. It might sound a bit strange, but it makes sense to choose a relevant piece to help you build the whole style for the day. It could be anything, basically—a dainty dress, a textured skirt or a nice tailored pair of trousers. It all depends on the occasion as well as the vibe you are going for. The important principle to keep in mind here is the piece should provide some interest to your outfit. Once you have made up your mind about it, the next step will be a no-brainer.



2. As as rule, tone it down with a basic

Style—as anything else in life—is a question of balance. That means you will need a muted/more basic piece to balance the whole thing gracefully. Let me explain with a simple image: imagine you go for a flamboyant pink tweed dress, you should avoid matching it with an over-the-top jacket, unless you want to look like an out-of-context modern Marie Antoinette. I am sure you see my point. For instance, if you choose a silky skirt as your axis, then you should select a simple top to tone things down a bit. This provides you with a nice contrast and is more wearable on a daily basis.

3. Add a piece you don’t need

When I want to upgrade a given outfit and unless I am in a real hurry, I will always add a clothing piece I don’t need. This way, I get sure the outfit makes an impact. It may be a hat I love, or a nice pair of statement designer stocking. Whatever it is, the key here is to put on some interest and relevance to your look.


4. When accessorizing, stick to one metal colour

This might be one of my personal pet peeves but I believe that sticking to one chromatic choice when adding metal accessories/jewelry, will provide some cohesion to your outfit. Once I am dressing up—and with the only exception of my wedding ring—I will figure out what colours match my clothes better (silver, yellow or rose gold) and then stick to it. This, of course, depends on your personal taste although sticking to one colour only gives uniformity and keeps things neat.

5. Double check before you leave

Just before leaving the house, I usually take thirty seconds to look myself in the mirror. This last step is my ultimate mantra. As Coco Chanel famously declared once, it is good practice to take one thing off before you go out. This simple exercise is designed to keep things simple and nice—especially if, like me, you have a tendency to go a bit over-the-top. Trust me here: there’s no need to look like a Christmas tree, is there?

As a last tip and while getting familiar with this styling system, I would recommend putting your outfit together in the evening, while your mind is clear and you can take a few extra minutes to sort things out.

And that’s pretty much it! Simple, right? No more morning drama!

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20 thoughts on “The Killer Outfit Formula That Works Every Time (Even When You Have Nothing To Wear)

  1. Dear Allegra! This is exactly the right topic. I get totally restless inside when I know I have to get up in a minute to go to an appointment. Hectic… because I am not showered and made up yet… Think, think, which outfit only fits?
    I’m going to lay out my clothes in the evening (okay, I’ll try). Your article is really helpful and makes many things easier! Good ideas! You are so creative and I love the way you write! Now I have to go and get dressed! 😉

    1. Hi Anja, welcome again! I totally know what you mean about last-minute appointments and panic: I HATE ot when it comes to improvisation. To me, the key for an easy and quick outfit is a bit of plannification really. Without that, I would be totally lost!

  2. Oooh, I feel ya standing in your towel in front of a mirror pondering on what to wear, time running! I used to be there myself. But then I started planning my outfits a night before and setting them out on a couch so I can just throw it all on. This saved me half an hour, in other words gave me half an hour more to sleep ;D Also, I’m definitely with you in keeping the metal colours in tone per outfit. I can’t bear mixing silver jewellery with gold, it’s just not okay.

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

    1. The sofa technique is pure geniours, really. It’s great to pick up your outfit one day in advance and then leave all you need in one single place, so you will just have to wear it. Thanks for sharing your tricks.

  3. I LOVE your shoes! The little black edging adds so much and adds a little contrast to the rest of your outfit. I love that you share your thoughts on outfit building here in one simple post and I too love picking one piece to build the rest of my outfit around.
    One thing I need more are bags! 🙂

    1. Hey, Jenny. At this point, only a few people work in the office here in London but I think office-related or not, these tips can easily apply to any outfit, really.

  4. What a great outfit formula! I’ve never thought of applying a formula when putting together an outfit before. What I usually do to combat those “I-don’t-know-what-to-wear” mornings is to plan my outfit the night before. Love your first tip of choosing a statement piece & plan the rest of the around that. 🙂

  5. Ok these are excellent time-saving style tips Allegra!! Too many times have I struggled with the dreadful question, “what should I wear”. Or how switching your outfit four times before returning to your first option🤦🏾‍♀️😂 I think tailoring your whole style routine around pieces that compliment the statement piece is quite smart because you’re getting the hard part out the way!👏🏾

    Natonya |

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