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My 2019 in Outfits: Developing my Style Sense

High priestess fashionista Iris Apfel once famously declared that, while fashion is something you buy, style is something you possess. ‘The key to style’, according to Apfel, ‘is learning who you are, which takes years. There’s no how-to road map to style.’

Since I first read these words during my university years—a long time ago in a galaxy far away, dominated by the dark forces of cheap rosé and poor fashion choices—it’s been a long road, but I’ve never stopped believing in the truth of this creed. The wisdom behind Apfel’s words lies in her interpretation of style as a part of the identity construct: ultimately, it’s not about the hottest trends or the latest IT bag but about who you are.

Self-discovery process can take months, years, and sometimes, even an entire lifetime—hence, for most of us, the style evolution goes hand in hand with this learning curve.

In this sense, 2019 wasn’t any different for me. Certainly, it’s been a long year packed with big vital decisions and scary changes which were all part of my own personal development. In parallel, my style has been changing too, while taking a new interesting direction. I am not going to lie: it has taken a considerable amount of trial and error to figure things out for me (whoever says adulthood is a piece of cake is nothing but a blatant liar). Fortunately though, with age comes some wisdom and I like to think I’ve got quite a clear vision of my life (and style path) at this point.

Style-wise, 2019 was the year when I learned to appreciate bold colours—as well as keep growing my unconditional love for jewel tones—, to love designer pieces and start adding to my expanding collection, to stop being afraid of experimentation. But let’s do this recap one month at the time.

This was my 2019 in outfits!




January always feels like the longest, gloomiest month of the year (hello January Blues, how you doin’?) but last year was a bit of an exception since I was in Spain for a holiday. During 2019 Summer, I started adding some designer pieces to my closet and January was the month I got my first major investment item: the CHANEL Boy bag! This babe had been in my bucket list like forever, so it was really nice to see it landing in my wardrobe, finally. Read the full original post here.



February was quite an interesting period. Sebastian and I booked a city break in Bucharest, where we lived for a couple of years since it still keeps a special place in our hearts. It felt nice to be back and visiting all our favourite places—the national art gallery, the hotel where we stayed during our wedding weekend, and the best antique market ever (where I hunted for some fabulous little accessories). A few people know that Bucharest is called Little Paris, but it is totally true and does deserve a visit.



Grey and pink spring outfitMarch was quite a busy month, packed with work and events: consequently, it was quite exhausting and I had very little time left to relax. In the end, I got sick due to the lack of rest and spent an entire week feeling rather poorly. I am not keen to be confined at home, so I might or might not have spent a crazy amount of time online shopping… (Read the original post here.)


Spring proffesional outfit for women

To me, April was the month to rule them all: I finally fulfilled the long-awaited dream of visiting Vogue House and having a glimpse inside Condé Nast well-oiled machinery. As an articles writer (and also as a reader) CN publications have been always an editorial reference—as well as a source of inspiration for me. In April, not only did I manage to study one of their journalism courses, but I also met some wonderful new friends. In other words, I had the time of my life. I documented the whole experience back in April, so please feel free to read bout it.


Spring brunch outfit ideas

May felt a bit like a hungover, really. For most of it, I tried to regain something of a normal routine both at work and personal life, which left little time or energy for fun. However, I did enjoy some time relaxing over the weekends and got ready for all the major changes coming our way in June…


Summer Madrid guide

June was the month we finally came to learn about our next destination: London! In all honesty, this change was something we had been craving for long enough and it felt surreal to see it was happening. As some form of self-indulgent celebration, we spent most of June back in Spain with our families and friends. No need to say this was just what we needed and the beginning of a refreshing start.



I am not going to lie to you: July was a savage party which I spent paying daily visits to the closest swimming pool club and eating my weight in gelato. Since we were preparing our international relocation, I dealt with any stress by means of frequent outings and Summer events. This situation lasted for the whole month and it was extended to August. I consider last Summer the best I enjoyed in quite a long time and I am very sorry adulthood doesn’t look like that more frequently. Ces’t la vie, I guess!


designer shopping experience in budapest

August was nothing but the best period last year: it was time for my yearly birthday trip, as well as the moment when we moved to London for good. Our stay in Budapest was a bit of a grand finale, really—the golden brooch to a great Summer, which was one of the most precious for us both. You can read more about our adventures here and here.


The perfect autumn midi skirt

In September, we started calling London our new home. The transition was slow and, at certain times, also difficult but we worked so hard to make this project happen over the last five years, we are nothing but grateful. As mundane as it may sound, September mostly consisted of running errands, completing an endless sequence of paperwork, and leisurely getting used to the hectic city pace. Back then, we spent quite a lot of time exploring around and falling in love with Notting Hill and Portobello again (where I might or might not be secretly planning to buy a house at some point…)



Mercer Mercer Pebbled Satchel

Autumn was such a fuss! October started with a good deal of problems related to a certain domestic accident. This involved a burst pipe which made our lives miserable for a while. For starters, we found out that water extended all under our apartment pristine floors, flooding the air cameras underneath with the resulting trouble of wet walls in every house room… I am not gonna lie: it was a bit of a nightmare, really. Unfortunately, it could not be solved from our side since the water was running from our neighbours’ place. We experienced this problem for a month and a half until the works next door were completed, which made October and November a stressful period I barely remember about. (See the original post featuring a review of the Michael Kors Mercer Gallery Bag here.)



blair waldorf inspired autumn outfit

Domestic accidents aside, November was rather pleasant. The fall season shone in all its decadent rusty glory and we made the most of it by taking as many days outdoors as possible. This only positively, affected our moods, since we were engaged in seeking for brand new positions in London and anything distracting our busy minds was welcome at the time.




In the big scheme of things in 2019, December was a magnificent period when we finally started feeling at home. Most of the adaptation process was completed, including but not limited to finding new jobs, making the most of our brand new apartment, and establishing new and enriching relationships. Since life finally started feeling normal again, we were able to relax and enjoy the festive period. I can´t wait to see what 2020 will look like.


How was your 2019?


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8 thoughts on “My 2019 in Outfits: Developing my Style Sense

  1. you have a gorgeous sense of style! your last two outfits totally remind me of blair waldorf from GG! Gorgeous!
    – katelyn

    1. Oh, thanks a lot! Actually, BW has always been a favourite style icon of mine and towards the last semester of the year, I started incorporating some details into my own looks. I am never sure it will work for me but I keep trying. 😂

    1. Hey Savannah, so nice to read you! To me, style is just another part of your personality and self-expression which is the reason why I link it with my personal experience. So glad to learn you appreciate it! 😊 Happy 2020 to you too!

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