The Knitwear Edit: Why we all need statement jumpers this season


Certainly, not me! I’ve always thought it’s funny how people find fall fashion a bit depressing, really. They see it as the beginning of a long soulless season when style must be sacrificed in favour of the weather demands. Goodbye sundresses, hello old coats. As for me? Nothing could be further from the truth.

As a matter of fact, I find dressing in summer challenging: yes, you have all those beautiful light dresses but depending on the hot temperatures (and remember that I am Spanish, so I know a thing or two about that) any outfit easily ends up on a sweaty mess. Chic, right? I have lost track of the times my perfectly planned summertime outfit had to be replaced by some random natural cotton dress which would allow me to breathe and not to bake in my clothes…

Cooler weather, on the other hand, leaves some room for creativity. There is that awesome trench coat you love so much and the occasional playful pattern; there is the softness of velvet and the statement coat you can’t live without.


jumper ideas for autumn

the jumper edit

But knitwear is what really makes me squeal of delight.

The second October hits and the weather chills a bit, I devote myself to the sacred mission of unpacking the jumpers: all that gorgeous cashmere, angora and chunky wool sadly packed away during the warmest months. Also, it’s time for my yearly wishlist!

Two days ago, Sebastian frowned at the sight of my (always expanding) knitwear pile but said nothing. Then, he found me sitting in front of the laptop, happily adding about 40 sweaters to my shopping cart. “Just to be clear”, he stated with a concerned tone, “you’re not shopping ALL of that, are you?” I simply looked at him, Regan McNeal style bloodshot eyes, and gave him a quick yet unconvincing “Just researching for the blog” reply, which seems to be my personal motto these days. Actually, I repeat “Just researching for the blog” (or J.R.F.T.B. from now on, if you please) so much, I am afraid they will use that as my epitaph… But I digress here.

Every jumper you should own this fall

The whole point is, knitwear can be not only a sartorial need but also FUN.

Everyone from couture designers to high-street brands seem to agree since this season is full of statement pieces. Forget about your neutral colour old-school jumper: Autumn and Winter will be dominated by jewel tones, rhinestones, lace, textures and more!

But do we really require statement sweaters this season? In my humble opinion? We do. Maybe, one of the reasons why most people loathe autumn fashion is its apparent monotony—its hardly arguable tedium. Maybe, all we need is introducing a stroke of colour, an unexpected twist.

Since I truly believe fashion—above all the things—should be fun, I am sharing some of my favourite seasonal knitwear today. All the statement styles and all the budgets. No matter if you are a Chloé fan or a New Look lady: I have you covered.

The Knitwear Edit

Jewel tones opulence

the best fall sweaters

      Zara                                     Christopher Kane                         Gabriela Hearst

I tried to convince myself that I was looking at these three beauties as a part of the J.R.F.T.B. process but let’s be honest: we all know they will end up in my closet sooner or later. I mean, rich colours, rhinestones, and velvet? Who could resist that? Surely, not this girl! I guess I will have to figure out a way of smuggling these into my house while dodging the attentive surveillance of Sebastian (a.k.a. Hercule Poirot). I should start watching Peaky Blinders to get some fresh ideas…


Feminine neutrals

every sweater you needNew Look                                    Zara                                          McQueen

This Fall, neutrals are not boring anymore. Just look at these astonishing specimens. Sometimes, the use of simple elements such as an interesting neckline, some cute ribbons or a frilly cuff can make all the difference between plain and stunning. Personally, I rarely go for neutrals when it comes to knitwear but this year may be the exception. Both the New Look and McQueen pieces can be easily added to your professional wardrobe with zero effort: try pairing them with some nice tailored trousers or a nice statement skirt. Plus, they are classics so they will add value to your collection in the long-term too.


Embellished beauty

the best designer knitwear

Dolce & Gabbana                        Self-Portrait                          Red Valentino

I have left my favourite sweaters at the end of this post. What can I say? They are nothing but pure perfection. I love every single detail in them: from the amazing silk flowers to the bell-shaped sleeves. And although I know their price tag may look a bit intimidating, I firmly believe the number of times you will wear something made with high-quality materials will balance the cost-per-wear. Sometimes, it’s not only about the design but also about the piece’s lifespan.

This is all for today’s post. As for now, I will add a few more striking pieces to my shopping chart (feel free to send me any links you consider relevant).

After all, I am just researching for the blog, right?




Jumper: Stradivarius (last season, similar here) / Shorts:  Old Zara (New version)

Bag: Michael Kors / Tights: Calzedonia

Boots: Deichmann / Scarf: Natura (similar at Burberry)



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20 thoughts on “The Knitwear Edit: Why we all need statement jumpers this season

  1. I love sweaters and warm autumn days are my favourite. It is a lot easier to dress for these days then for summer. You can’t really layer in summer, when even being in bikini feels too hot. But autumn is all about that and there are so many great accessories.

  2. i totally agree. Autumn does not have to be boring. I have been finding myself adding some bright colors besides orange. I think the reds, maroons are great choices. I truly like the scarf . Great post.

  3. I leave in jumpers as soon as it starts to get a little chilly! I’ve got two drawers in my wardrobe for them! I love the colour of the one you are wearing, I’ve got it in a thinner jumper but would love it in a thicker knit too!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd

  4. I love wearing knots and jumpers during the autumn and winter, one because they keep you extra warm and two because they can really make a outfit come together! I love the picks you have x

  5. Love your selection and I agree, it’s fun to dress in autumn with all those cosy, soft and colorful jumpers.

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