Ten elegant style problems

If you have been a regular reader for a while, you know I wrote a statement piece about the amount of prejudice that people with a polished style tend to encounter on a daily basis. However, that specific article does not necessarily depict the most frequent ups and downs when you are into classy fashion.

Let me exemplify here: while visiting Madrid back in June I experienced quite an unpleasant episode related to someone judging my appearance. On our second day in the city, Sebastian and I went for a nice walk to El Retiro and we decided to take the chance for some pictures as a memory of the trip. At a certain point, we went into the Glass Palace and started shooting. Just for a bit of context, the place is a touristic point of interest hence, every visitor was taking photos as well, most of them with high calibre cameras.

After about ten minutes, one of the security team members approached us to tell us we needed to stop it. Obviously, that was quite of a shock and we shyly asked what was the reason. Where we inadvertently breaking any rules?



The guard seemed quite embarrassed and hesitated to provide an explanation. Then, he said that I was “far too well dressed” for their standards and they could not guess whether that was a professional shot or not… Even more confused, we looked around and pointed out the higher calibre cameras other people were using (which were more professional than our very middle-ground Canon), and the fact that we were only a couple taking our holiday pictures. We were not using any kind of lamp, reflector or specialized technical material. Nothing of it seemed to make any difference, though.

At the end of a very short conversation, we left the place but I could not help but wonder how many times would I have to stand people prejudices and let them affect my life. Was I forever doomed? Was there a way to see it with a bit of humour? Then I thought about the blog and how I could possibly share the most common issues when your style is smart.


These are ten problems every elegant style person will understand


01. You need at least a couple of hours to figure out what to wear

When you want to look your best, there is not such a thing like throwing some jeans and carrying on. Most of the time, you will end up choosing your outfit the evening before just to regret your choice the next morning because…

02. You are a perfectionist

Which means chipped manicure or dry lipstick are NOT an option  (not to speak about wrinkled clothing. If by any chance your neat skirt gets creased in the car, you will have a difficult day.)  Do you want to speak about anxiety crisis? What about the day I lost a button from a designer jacket?

03. People will assume your only interest is fashion

Also, that you are unable to hold an interesting conversation. I recall a specific evening in which my husband had to “confirm” I have got a major in English just because the idiot I was talking to thought I looked nothing like the bohemian type. Consequently, my opinions on Virginia Woolf work were to be understated. Not need to say I never spoke to that person again.

04. Unless you wear jeans, people will also think you are overdressed

But if you do wear jeans, they will think you feel sick or something. No, there is no emergency here and my house didn’t burn down letting me with only a pair of jeans in stock. It’s called laundry day. Thank you for your concern.

05. You will be frequently mortified by your family about the value of your designer bag

It doesn’t really matter you are a professional with a decent disposable income and a good savings account. They will keep playing Can You Guess the Price… in front of you.

06. Your neighbour will always comment on how fancy you look today and then ask about the occasion

Is it rude to reply that being alive is the occasion? Because it is, really.

07. Your dry cleaner monthly expense is C.R.A.Z.Y.

Because that’s what happens when most of your clothes are made of interesting textures and materials (a.k.a. delicates) and there is nothing you can do about it. (Well, maybe you could stop buying nice clothes altogether. Or sell an organ in the black market. Just your call…)

08. You always have something to wear to Wimbledon

Only thing is… you are never invited to Wimbledon. Or to a yacht trip to Capri, for the matter. Yes, lifestyle can get on the way when you try to justify that gorgeous Valli dress price tag. But hey, you only live once, right?

09. You find office attire boring

And no matter how much of an effort you make to look at it on a more positive vibe. Still boring.

10. Most of the time, people will make you feel self-conscious.

Seriously, how much time is it socially acceptable to stare at someone on the commute? I am sure your social media feed is far more interesting than my outfit, so please gaze at your telephone screen instead. The good part is you can always look back at them blankly until they feel slightly uncomfortable. It is a bit like a Far West film, only with better attire.

Tell me, have you experienced these or any other style problems?



Summer Madrid guide


Slip dress: Zara

Bag and cuff: CHANEL

Shoes: Zara (old, similar at Gianvito Rossi)



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7 thoughts on “Ten elegant style problems

  1. This is a problem every woman faces. I found the easiest way out. I don’t dress up at all. I wear some cotton, comfortable, baggy top and pants and I go everywhere. I only dress up to parties but I don’t get invited to interesting parties.

    1. Hi there Priya! Yes, I get you about comfy clothes. I tend to wear cotton t-shirts and leggins at home and nobody can make me change my mind.
      But yeah, sometimes I feel like I should totally give up on dressing for my own because well… people.

  2. The overdress problem and the stares are my day to day problems.
    People can’t accept that some of us love to dress nice to go to the groccery shop!!!
    It is call style dear,style!

  3. Oh, the stares and questions! I hated getting asked how much the item I’m wearing is– like I’m being shamed for it; but I like to go back to a little old saying, “One can never be over educated or over dressed.” 😎

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