Game-changer Summer skincare (that actually works)

My 2019 Summer skincare regime

The arrival of Summer means sandals, sundresses, and for the most favoured even eating gelato by the seaside in Capri but unfortunately, it also means that our skin goes all the way down to Dryland. Fun times, aren’t they? No need to mention every potential reason: the burning sunlight, together with the exposure to swimming pool chemicals is enough to quickly spoil the results of our careful skincare regime during the cold season. But what can you do to improve your general skin condition over the warm months?

Especially, if your skin belongs to the dry type Summer may become a challenge and not of the best kind. For years, it has been my Achilles heel but with a good dose of patience, experimentation and yes, some investment, I am happy to say I have managed to find products that really work for me. Hopefully, they will work for you too.

This is my game-changer skincare routine in 2019.


Clinique moisture surge

Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel

Moisture is king

This should be obvious, shouldn’t it? And even so, quite frequently we don’t pay enough attention to such a basic step. Finding a product that works for your specific skin type and needs is everything. Guys, I am not gonna lie: It took me a number of rights and wrongs to find something which could keep my Mojave dessert-dry skin hydrated all day long but once I did, there was no way back. My absolute two favourite products happen to be Clinique.

  1. Moisture Surge, 72 hours auto-replenishing hydrator

To me, this is like magic. I tend to apply it either as a five-minute mask or just before my makeup routine. Not only smooths the skin but it also feels shooting for a long time. The product is supposed to target fine lines and although I cannot confirm on such a radical difference, after only a few uses it became one my forever-in-rotation basics.

    2. Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

Raise your hand if you are looking for a 12 hours moisture barrier fix. Because that is exactly what you are getting. I apply it first thing in the morning and the skin feels fresh, and flexible until my evening routine. Yes, in Summer too. Over the years, I have tried many different solutions but for me, this is the one.


Le lift creme CHANEL


Since skin hydration levels go down during the warm season and sunlight is harsh, the chances to get fine lines do increase. As a consequence, I take more precautions during this period. A few months ago, my sister kindly recommended Le Lift Créme by CHANEL to me. It doesn’t only treat lines but also improves firming. After almost half a year using it, I can confirm that my skin feels far better in both departments and no new lines have appeared.

The ordinary Lactic Acid

Peeling and eye puffiness

Since my skin is more exposed to the effects of the external factors, I try to keep up to date with a rigid peeling program once a week. On Sundays, I usually stay indoors so this is a good occasion to apply acids.

  1. The Ordinary Lactic Acid 10% + HA

Is it legit to marry a beauty product? Because I am totally marrying this one (with the permission of Louboutin Velvet Matte of course), I don’t care what you say. I like to mix two/three pumps with my moisture gel in the morning and let it do its thing. After about four weeks of usage, I started seeing an obvious difference in the texture on my skin. And not even Mr. Summer can change that.

    2. The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

Another collateral effect of hot weather is that my eyes tend to look a bit puffier than usual. Fortunately, when consistently applied morning and evening, The Ordinary Caffeine Solution reduces any signs of redness around my eyes and also sorts out dark circles, win-win here.

And these are my personals tricks for better skin during Summer.

Have you got any holy grail product secrets you want to share?


Game-changer summer skincare

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