Spring proffesional outfit for women

Where have I been? April in a nutshell

Hey, hello there! This is Allegra, that Spanish expat you used to read about in here.

In the remote case you are anything like me and an obsessive Sherlock Holmes reader, there is a chance you already called Scotland Yard to report my disappearance. Good news! You can drop your loupe, pipe, and overcoat now. Apologies for the non-announced hiatus but April has been super hectic and side projects completely took over. Yes, it was a bit frantic and in some moments even exhausting, but to be honest it was truly gratifying too.

Since I am not the kind of person who likes to do things in halves, it felt reasonable to press the pause key until May. Just to be back with batteries fully recharged. Let’s start things off then with one of my absolute favourite post styles a good old monthly highlights post, featuring the hallmarks from the past four weeks. Shall we?

The trip to London. Obviously, this had to be the first bullet point in the list, right? On April the fifth, I took an evening flight to London. The reason? I was visiting one of my oldest friends but the trip was not merely playful this time: I enrolled The Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design for an intensive one week course, focused on fashion journalism. For a few months, I had been considering to extend my formal education on the writing field and Condé Nast looked not only like the optimal option, but also the logic one. After all, who could teach on a better level than the professionals behind legendary publications such as Vanity Fair, The New Yorker or Vogue? To be completely honest, the decision was also slightly influenced by the fact I am kind of fangirl too (oops…) and been offered with the chance of visiting Vogue House headquarters was beyond tempting… So, as you guessed, there is some solid content coming your way and fully documenting the whole experience. Stay tuned!

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Easter floral festival weekend. There are a few things that scream Spring! as loud as a floral festival. Mid-April was the witness of a lovely weekend when the city was literally covered in flowers and we are speaking about more than 200 different species here. So, Sebastian and I took the chance to call some friends and mix with the locals. Let’s say this was nothing but well-deserved rest. Especially for him, since he is preparing not one or two, but THREE of his research books to be published this year which is, well, quite demanding to be diplomatic. Somehow, it was just what we needed. The weather happened to be glorious, our friends were absolutely the best, and the whole weekend was the final touch for a great month.

Cinecultura International Film Festival. One of the brightest highlights in our cultural diary is the annual celebration of the city film festival, a week’s worth of movies soirées. Being a cinematographic gluttonous, I could only join when the opening night arrived. It is not the kind of event that requires white tie no red carpet photos of me this time, damn! but that naturally translated into a great opportunity to wear something nice, socialize a bit, and then watching a bunch of good films.

Easter break. At the end of the month, we finally enjoyed the orthodox Easter break, a well-deserved holiday. Since I was just back from London, we decided to simply stay and take the time to cook nice nourishing food, go to the movies and chill a bit. I know it doesn’t sound spectacular but sometimes, all you need is to wind down.

And this is all I did in April. I know you will excuse my absence now you know how hectic life was, but as I said, there is a lot of nice content coming your way. Silver linings, people, silver linings.

Spring proffesional outfit for women


Trousers: Reserved

Blazer: Vero Moda (sold out, similar here and designer version here)

Blouse: Zara/ Shoes: Top Shop (sold out, similar here) / Cuff: CHANEL

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12 thoughts on “Where have I been? April in a nutshell

  1. Sounds like an awesome month and THREE research books :-O wow your husband has some serious stones :-O so glad you were able to go and partake in a course that you enjoyed and the flower festival sounds lovely 🙂

    1. Hahaha. Yes, I would definitely say he is brave and a hard-worker. I am very proud of him! 😊

      Thanks for visiting my blog and for taking the time to comment.

    1. Thanks a lot Shannon! I love reading monthly roundups too. Also, thanks for the nice words on the pics. My husband will be glad to hear you like them since he is the photographer.

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