Is Louboutin Velvet Matte lipstick worth the price tag?

There seems to be something indefinitely mystical when it comes to high-end beauty launches – a certain feeling of excitement, almost the trance on oblation to cosmetic gods. When Louboutin announced the release of their lipstick range back in September 2015, it caused a commotion: from make-up amateurs to top influencers, everyone strived to bite the forbidden fruit. Wearing Louboutin iconic red on the lips? The concept was indeed very tempting.

I remember reading the announcement on Vogue, then enduring the same agitation. At the time, I spoke about it with every beauty addict I knew (I also told my siblings, Sebastian, and the window cleaner…), and we waited for weeks only to learn it would not be available in Spain. Oh, the disappointment! Buying online was not easy either, the product sold out in most European retailers immediately. I even tried to get the lipstick via my kind beauty mules flying from New York on Christmas but without any luck (once again, Velvet Matte was gone). As time went by, new launches overshadowed Louboutin’s and I gave up.

Louboutin Djalouzi

Christian Louboutin Beauty

Louboutin Lip Definer and Lipstick

And then, during my last holiday, a friend of mine who works in the industry casually said he could send me some new products from their catalogue, which included Christian Louboutin Beauty range. (Just to be clear and, this is not a PR gift, but I purchased the items with a disscount.) No need to say I jumped out of my seat. And a few weeks later, when I finally opened the parcel in the most anticipated mail day ever, I got both the bestseller Djalouzi Matte Velvet and Lip Definer (and guys, I must admit I kind of experienced that vague sacred excitement I mentioned before by looking at the polished packaging).

Allegra Caro testing Louboutin Beauty

Allegra Caro testing Louboutin Beauty
Lipstick Rouge Louboutin Velvet Matte in Djalouzi, after first coat.

For a start, the presentation was as good as expected, if not better. The box is flawlessly designed but the real magic is inside – once you open it, you will find a golden metallic lip case which feels heavy and expensive. The pack also includes a little organza bag to carry lipstick in your handbag conveniently. Well, I am not going to lie: at this point, I was already sold on the concept. A lipstick that looks like a jewel? Where do I sign up?

Design and packaging: 5 / 5

However, a part of me was still sensitive enough to refrain early celebrations and wait to test the product quality. I tried it on my forearm at once. With the first swatch, I got a solid brilliant tone. By applying a second coat, you obtain a vibrant colour although slightly darker. I would say I was quite satisfied with intensity.

Pigmentation: 4 / 5

Obviously, next step was applying the product on my lips – the crucial test, if you please. Before I continue, I should disclose they are kind of dry (by this I mean Mojave Desert is wet, in comparison…), and this has always affected the way most lipsticks look on me. As usual, I exfoliated any dead skin in advance and applied a reasonable quantity of balm. Given the fact we are speaking about a matte formula, I was expecting the same heavy feeling I usually experience with similar lipsticks. A favourite of mine is Mac Diva but I only use it during weekends, when I know I will have the time to prepare my lips and touch-up, if needed. When first applied, the product is almost light. Once again, keep in mind we are not speaking about a sheer shade, but about a matte colour. Hence, I was shocked when I realised it felt even a bit nourishing on my lips! This is, in my opinion, its main strong point and what I like the most about it.

Texture: 5 / 5

Louboutin lasting power

Louboutin Lipstick Lasting Power
Lipstick Rouge Louboutin Velvet Matte in Djalouzi, after a generous lunch. (I am afraid no decent closer photos were taken that day).

I decided to try it on a Saturday morning and I wore it for the whole day. Our weekend date consisted on a nice walk, followed by food and movies. Hence, I spent 7 hours out and about, approximately. Checking my lips after dinner, I noticed some wearing on the central section, so I can’t say the lasting power was impressive. However, my meal consisted on a giant brie and apple burger and some sweet potato fries (I girl needs to eat, ladies…), which most brands are no match for. Even so, discoloration was not that bad and I didn’t need to reapply immediately. The product wore out quite decently but it gets the lowest punctuation in this department.

Lasting Power: 3 / 5.

Once we got home, I noticed no major changes in its appearance: the colour was still there, although not as vibrant as in the first part of the day. I could easily remove it by using a little pump of my usual Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm.

My two cents

In general, my opinion is quite positive presentation is flawless, pigmentation and texture are surprising. Its weak point is doubtlessly the lasting power but to be fair, it wasn’t designed for this specific purpose. Let’s go ahead with conclusion then.

Is Louboutin Velvet Matte lipstick worth the price tag?

The answer is yes, as long as you value design and comfort.

If you are looking for a morning-to-night product though, I would recommend to look for something specific. Personally, I would repurchase and I will probably try some of the other available shades (Sevillana, Rococotte, I am looking at you girls).

Louboutin lipstick before and after

But what is the last product you have tried?

Would you recommend?

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10 thoughts on “Is Louboutin Velvet Matte lipstick worth the price tag?

  1. Great review! It’s nice you were finally able to try this lipstick out. The casing was so lovely. I would definitely be interested in trying this shade. I have been hesitant with reds, but think it might be worth it.

      1. The package and presentation alone makes me want to buy this lipstick! Your so beautiful and your review is great.
        Thank you for sharing with us.

      2. Oh my goodness! You are so kind, I am actually blushing. I am very happy you enjoyed the read. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, truly!

  2. I’ve always wanted to try one of these lipsticks but I’ve never got round to treating myself to one! It’s shame about the lasting power but I’m not surprised. I mean they design the shoes to look good but compromise comfort to do so, why wouldn’t the same principle apply to the lipsticks? They clearly look good by they’ve forgotten they need to last! By the way this shade looks stunning on you!

    1. Well, for a start obviously Louboutin did not begin as a beauty company and they are relatively new on that departament. With that said, as I mencioned on the article the lipstick is not promoted as long-lasting, so you obtain the exact same duration as in other matte products. I am all about its texture and colour, though.

      I hope all this rambling helps you to make up your mind about it. Thanks for commenting!

  3. That color looks beautiful on you! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one of their nude shades but haven’t been able to dish out that much money for it yet! It’s great knowing that aside from the beautiful packaging the product itself is also worth it.

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