February highlights

Five February Highlights

As February vanishes and March makes its entrance all wrapped up in cherry blossom petals and sunlight, we all awake to life. We are saying our farewells to pitch-black evenings and it feels so good, so refreshing, that we are prone to forget those little Winter highlights as well.

Personally, this makes me a bit sad. Don’t get me wrong, I am as glad as the next girl to welcome Spring (and by now you are probably so sick of me grumbling about the awfully long cold season, that it feels like a miracle you are reading this at all…), but I do appreciate every happy memory, including those from Winter. Hence, I thought it would do no harm to share some of the highlights from the month of February with you. Just so you know what I have been up to recently. Additionally, I find truly comforting to type about the sparkling little bits and bobs that put a smile on my face. So let’s stop the chit-chat and move on…

This is my February in a nutshell


Rediscovering the pleasure of cooking

(And food in general.) January felt like a never-ending succession of greasy takeaway orders and irresponsible meal choices. Partially, I blame the January blues and partially our laziness. After what Sebastian and I call The Month of Common Sense Debacle, February demanded the restoration of some basic adult cooking standards. Planning meals in advance was easier once we installed a couple of apps on our phones. We both started feeling less inclined to eat crappy food by simply planning ahead and organizing our groceries shopping over the weekend. Also, we started planning our food outings to healthy places with a more elaborate menu and actually discovered a bunch of new restaurants we love.  In the end, it all came down to lots of delicious vegetarian curry dishes and stews. We are looking forward to all the lovely March cooking too!

Making some dreams come true

For some time now, I have been interested in taking a seminar to improve my writing skills, especially those connected with fashion and style topics. My main aim is to upgrade this site with a few new techniques and content ideas, as well as to enrich myself with a new vital experience. At some point last month, the opportunity knocked on my door and I decided to take it. So I am very proud to tell you I will be traveling to London in April to attend Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design! There, I will take the Fashion Journalism course I have been dreaming with since forever. Wish me luck!


February highlights


This was probably the main highlight in February. Sebastian had his usual semester holiday and we thought it could be a nice opportunity to go for a short city break. Well, I wrote enough about it already but let’s just say I would gladly book another Bucharest stay right now if I hadn’t to attend my duties.

Following the New York Fashion Week

Other people like to follow The Oscars but I am more into Fashion Week. I am not even referring to the hottest Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs or Anna Sui catwalk shows, but to all those glorious Street Style online pictures. I don’t mind if we are speaking about bloggers, actresses or anonymous walkers – I will invariably sit in the couch and scroll on my phone for hours, amazed by all the stylish people out there. Also invariably, I will sigh and repeat the same languid comments over and over to Sebastian despair: “But she is sooooo chic! Why can’t I be chic too? So Unfair…” Then I will eat chocolate, drink tea, rinse and repeat. I call it a normal February evening. Sebastian calls it Hell, though.

Setting a budget

A few months ago, I slowly started a shift towards the “more quality-less quantity” shopping ethics. I came to realize I’d rather get the best possible value for my money and started buying more style investment pieces I can mix and match. As a consequence, fewer clothes have been making it to my closet but the ones which do are truly loved staple pieces. I decided to set a budget for this specifically, making a bit easier to organize my monthly acquisitions and relieving any unexpected expenses from that side. So far, so good. Any day now, I will awake to be a proper grown up and all… Just kidding! Chocolate cake for breakfast, anyone?!


To summarize, I would say February was a much more productive month than January. Indeed, compared to the previous month, my life was much more organized and easy-going which kind of explains the late lack of anxiety or excessive worrying. February was the one month when I could actually start practicing that long (-ish) bucket list for my 2019 and guys, it feels awesome.


I would love to hear how was your February and any special plans you have for March!



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18 thoughts on “Five February Highlights

    1. Thank you sugar!!! 💖 💖 💖 I am super-duper nervous but I think it will be an amazing experience (If I don’t faint out of excitement or something, LOL).

      1. Congratulations parrula!! Hope you enjoy your stay in London and really love the course!! Let us know how it goes 😘

      2. Hey, Rose! 💞 ¡Muchas gracias! Estoy que no me lo creo. 🤯 Me queda ya un nada. A ver si puedo escribir sobre la experiencia y compartirla por aquí. 😊

  1. Meal planning is great and saves you a lot of time! Congrats to getting in to Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design! Enjoyed reading your monthly highlights and looking forward to following you!

    1. Hey, Sandy! Yes, I don’t why we didn’t start planning meals before but it is game-changing to me.

      And thank you! I truly hope you have a lovely time following. Welcome!

  2. Did Project Runway make it to NYFW this year? I am a big Project Runway fan and they always have their finals there. Also, I am glad you rediscover your love for cooking. I love cooking and it just makes my day!

    1. I am not really sure, to be honest. I have never watched Project Runway and don’t know if they celebrated their big finale this year too. Usually, I follow the catwalk news through Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar websites. As for street style shoots, I usually refer to sites such as Fashionista.com

  3. Great month for you! Well I think mine was also good…I started my blog on February 1st, we were doing Mom and Ballet classes, Mothergoose class and more baby milestones. Looking forward for March.:)

  4. It is great that you’re rediscovering the enjoyment of cooking. I love cooking and it is such a money saver when you do it right. It is great that you took some courses to improve yourself :). YESSS on going for more quality goods. I found myself doing this recently and it was a game changer. Hope you’ll have a great March!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    1. Hello Nancy! I truly enjoy cooking when it is a bit on the creative side, so last month was great in those terms. 😊 And yes, investing a bit in quality pieces totally changes your perception. I hope you have a great March too!

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