Transitional winter to spring zara outfit

Hello March: A transitional Winter to Spring outfit

If you are anything like me, there is a good chance you are kind of sick of Winter at this point. (And by that I mean if Winter was a person, I would probably punch him on the face.)

First, January lasted approximately 200,546,181 eons and then February was colder than a witch’s tit. In all honesty, at the time writing these words it is a gloomy Sunday morning and the prospect of yet another freezing walk is threatening my sanity. Suddenly, I find myself googling how many weekends in a row is it socially acceptable to stay indoors in pajamas. (Answer: as many as you wish, as long as you don’t admit it in public, duh…) But seriously, there is a point in which all the cozy and nice jumpers are not attractive anymore and you simply wish you could leave the house on a nice Summer dress.

And then, the city welcomed the arrival of March with a local festival last weekend. FINALLY! Oh boy, I was over the moon. I started anticipating the whole flowers blooming, Spring picnics and all the sunny outings… So of course, our friend Murphy’s law had different plans.


Pink and burgundy transition outfit

Transitional Winter to Spring Ted Baker outfit

I must admit I was naively expecting about 15-20 degrees and a gloriously sunny day when I woke up on Saturday morning. And we actually got the nice sunlight. But that’s all it was, really. Temperatures, on the other hand, decided to fluctuate between 15 and about -1 million which made outfit planning, well… sort of interesting, indeed. But hey, sometimes you need to pick your battles so I thought I could make use of a transitional Winter to Spring outfit and get my way. As a matter of fact, I purchased these trousers back in the January sales and since then they have been sadly hanging in my closet, waiting for Spring to come. I felt bad for them, poor things, and decided to wear them at once.

Just to let you know, our first Spring weekend plans sounded great on my head. “Let’s play in the sun”, I said, “We will grab some coffee to-go or sit on a terrace sipping prosecco the whole afternoon, watching people pass by. Just the Parisian style”. Guys, I would slap myself on the face. I can tell you, there was nothing even remotely bohemian on the atmosphere of the day. One minute it was excruciatingly hot, and the next bone-chilling. Plus, it was windy. And I don’t mean the kind of breezy weather that you can easily transform into a stylish Nouvelle Vague-inspired photoshoot. No, I am referring to the kind that will transform you in a hot mess in about five minutes. Oh, and maybe make you get a cold too. Any fantasies of playing Anna Karina in a Godard film? Yeah, forget about it. At some point, I pretty much looked like a hangover version of Eliza Doolittle in the very beginning of My Fair Lady… Only with a BAD hair day. But I digress here.

Spring outfit

By the time we arrived in downtown, it was crystal clear any terrace-related plans were out of the question. And after a quick cappuccino to-go and a very brief walk, we quickly moved on to the closest coffee place where we could stop fighting the elements and actually start enjoying ourselves.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a place where we had the chance to enjoy a proper Spring beginning?” I asked Sebastian with dreamy eyes, “You know? To enjoy the cherry blossom blooming and all that jazz?”

“Well”, he replied, “You would get the hay fever, anyway. Why worry then?”

And damn, he was right, guys. I guess it is not about living in a postcard, after all. Sometimes, you need to stop and smell the flowers (even if, like me, you get the hay fever…) So instead of feeling miserable, we went outside again and had some good laugh taking a few pictures. Then visited the closest bookstore and spent some time there, choosing our next read.

And you know what? It actually felt great.
After all, people at Nouvelle Vague films looked like a hot mess too and that’s totally fine.


Transitional winter to spring zara outfit


Blouse: Metamorphose Japan (sold out, similar here

Trousers: Zara (sold out, similar here and here)

Tote Bag: Ted Baker/ Sunglasses: Vintage / Shoes: Top Shop

Coat: Zara (old)

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14 thoughts on “Hello March: A transitional Winter to Spring outfit

  1. I think you nailed the transitional Spring outfit. We get that crazy weather here too. One minute it’s warm and sunny and the next it’s snowing or something. I love how you embraced the Spring colors in your outfit even with the cooler weather!

    1. Oh my! The weather is been kind of crazy everywhere lately, right? I guess that’s normal on this period, although the weather swings are insane… But anyway, thank you so much for reading!

      Also, thank you for the complimment too.

  2. Definitely waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for the sunshine to return to us! I’m so tired of all the cold weather now, but you can’t have everything I guess. Your outfit is absolutely stunning here – very chic and sophisticated. x
    El | Welsh Wanderer

    1. Hey, Helen. Thanks for taking the time to comment, as well as for the nice words.

      I totally see your point. By now, I can barely remember how it feels to be out without thermal undies and a snow coat. But what I miss the most is the sun. Darkness can be difficult to bare, can’ it?

    1. Hello there Kani! Thanks for reading.

      In relation to your comment on the weather, well, I guess it all depends on your perspective. Spring is relatively OK in here, but during the Winter-time we can easily -15 ℃. Extreme weather is terrible, either too hot or too cold. I cannot imagine how it is there in Chennai at this time of the year. Is it too hot?

  3. I love the look of the tights with the shoes! I never would have thought to do that but it looks great!

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