Packing list for a Bucharest city break

What to pack for a Bucharest weekend city break

I don’t know if this happens to me only, but every time I hear the words “city break”, I always think about Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. She is the perfect epitome of off-duty elegance in that film and for that very reason, I never feel satisfied with my own looks when on holiday. Yes, I know it sounds crazy and it is not something I do consciously but still, it happens. Every time I stare at my reflection in a hotel mirror I think “Hey, this is not Hepburnesque at all. Shame!” Now, I am obviously exaggerating here. (It is not like I am expecting to walk around head to toe in 1950’s Dior, right? Although, couldn’t we consider the possibility for a second? No? I thought so…) But the truth is, I tend to experience some dissatisfaction with my outfits choice when I am on a trip.

Frequently, I over-pack only to find out I have nothing to wear. And guys, I HATE that. This usually happens for a reason – I did not consider outfits. In the past, I found myself with a case full of dresses and skirts, and not a single outfit to wear. And here, as much I am hesitant to admit it, is where we should start discussing capsule wardrobes. First, I should state that in my (not very popular) opinion, capsule wardrobes are boring. OK, that is it, I finally said it. I can be officially expelled from the fashion bloggers club now. I will return my blogging camera and Starbucks membership at once…

But the thing is, I find they leave little room for creativity. However, there is one exception to this rule: they are really handy when it comes to traveling. Abroad, you don’t need 5,487,337 pairs of shoes. What you need though is a range of clothes you can mix and match. I must admit it took a bit too long for me to accept this idea, but it has proved to be efficient ever since.

Personally, I am more into skirts and dresses, and so is this capsule wardrobe. Also, I have decided to reduce the chromatic palette to three/four shades only which is, well… one of the main points when it comes to a capsule wardrobe, isn’t it?

Something you need to consider when traveling to Bucharest during the cold season is the weather. And I am going to tell you something, it can be FRIGID. Forget about light clothes and think about layers: cardigans, sweaters, coats… anything that can keep you warm enough. You should also add a scarf, a pair of gloves and maybe a hat or two. And please, don´t be afraid to pack some thermal tights too (and I am talking about 100 denier if you wish to walk around and enjoy your trip, so let’s be sensitive). Regarding shoes, I would definitely advise going for boots.

During our trip two weeks ago, we arrived on Friday afternoon and after checking-in, we went straight for a little walk and sightseeing just before dinner at our favourite place in town. I was far too tired to take any pictures but the jumper and skirt I wore were totally OK for the weather. Consequently, here you go my personal suggestions for a Friday afternoon and evening plan.

Friday outfit for Bucharest city breakSightseeing can be exhausting when you visit a big city. (I have got a shoes-related horror story from a trip to Vienna a few years ago and since then, I always choose my shoes wisely…) But Bucharest public transport is a great alternative to cover the biggest distances, don’t be afraid to use it. Personally, I prefer to add a pair of comfortable shoes to my luggage and I usually wear them for day tours, while I change from flats to heels in the evening. This tip also applies to shopping: please, do wear comfy shoes. You can thank me later.

Our Saturday was spent on some more sightseeing, food, and shopping. All followed by a late-evening concert in a town center club. Once again layering saved my life and let me enjoy the whole experience, so here I leave you some inspiration for your Saturday outfits both day and evening.

Saturday outfit for Bucharest city break

On Sunday we took it easy, had a late brunch and visited the old town to take our last trip pictures. Afterwards, we booked for a nice afternoon tea. Since usually, Sundays are the more relaxing day, I will suggest one versatile outfit which you could adapt to most activities on your last day in the city.

Sunda outfit for Bucharest city break

And this is pretty much it! I guess most of us will never look like Hepburn on Roman Holiday but that’s OK. It is not 1950 after all…



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