When blogging goes wrong

Tea time in Bucharest outfit

Tea time bucharest outfit

I am going to tell you something about nice sunny Winter days they might be delightful and a great opportunity to be out and about, but in terms of taking outfit photos, they totally suck. (Yes, #firstworldproblems, I know.)

Like, can you see that slightly awkward expression in my eyes? It is all due to that lovely low sun we enjoy in the coldest months (hooray!)

In normal circumstances, I would have quickly returned to our apartment in order to pick up my sunglasses, but that was a bit inconvenient since we were about 500 kilometres away on a holiday weekend. Consequently, I spent most of our trip looking like a suspicious character from the Maltese Falcon (just for your information, my code name is Red Socks from now on. Remember that in case you need to contact me).

Even so, I could not really complain. I mean, I moaned all Winter long about the awful weather and the sun felt like a blessing after all. It was snowing for two months non-stop. And I am sorry but even after five years, I am not used to it. At ALL. (My usual hibernation strategy consists in hiding in a corner for the whole Winter feeling pity for myself and repeating “but it is SO unfair” on a loop. *Cries in Spanish*.)

So quite obviously at this point, it feels like a luxury to be able to have a long walk and not to freeze. As they say, it is all about the small things.

The day before these photos were taken, it was -5 °C and then Saturday was all shiny and reasonably warm. Hello, global warming! How are you doing?

Tea at Gran Hotel Continental in Bucharest

Grand Hotel Continental Bucharest

Given the nice temperatures, we wandered around the Philharmonic House neighbourhood for a while and decided to go for afternoon tea afterwards.

Grand Hotel Continental is another Bucharest location which holds a special place in our hearts since it was where we stayed during our wedding weekend.

Everyday from 3 to 6 they serve a delicious afternoon tea complete with a lovely variety of delicious sandwiches and sweets. Unfortunately, at that point I was SO hungry I completely forgot grabbing the camera. And can you guess? I only came to realize once most of our refreshment was already gone (I can be a terrible blogger when it comes to food, folks). But OH MY WORD, it was absolutely delicious.

After that, the sun was mostly gone and the few attempts we made to take more pictures were pointless. In the end, I completely gave up and simply admitted the Internet would have to accept my awkward spy-face expression. Also, I slowly came to terms with a simple fact sometimes blogging goes wrong.

You can do your best, surely: pick up an outfit you like, choose a nice location, shoot in the optimal daytime… And even so, Murphy’s law will be there to mess up with you.

If you are a perfectionist, there is a big chance you will lose your temper or resent your luck. But believe me, at the end of the day it is not worth it.

And hey, there are days in which is better to let go (and just have a spontaneous margaritas date with your husband). Did I mention how nice are cocktails when on a holiday?

Silver linings, people. Silver linings.

Tea time bucharest outfit


Jumper: Zara / Skirt: Chicwish / Bag: Chanel



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15 thoughts on “When blogging goes wrong

    1. Yes, it is all about the light, isn’t it? Other factors can be modified and you are still left with a usable picture. But if the sunlight screws with you, that’s it. You are done. 😂

  1. Your pictures are amazing! and I love the outfits (and I’m in love with the outfit in your “about” picture)

  2. I’m with you there on the perfectionist level! It can be a struggle for sure! But you are so right that at the end of the day, it’s not worth the fit. Live life, capture the moments when you can and do your best and it’ll all work out!

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