Phow to plan the perfect hygge weekend

How to plan the perfect Hygge weekend: Allegra does Hygge

Do you know when you make plans for days and then life simply interferes with them?

I don´t know about you guys, but that is mostly my story.

It feels a bit like my own personal curse — I like to think of it as if I were Harry Potter, but without all the let´s kill Voldemort mumbo-jumbo, which is OK because I would not know what to wear for such an occasion anyway…

But back to the topic, If I plan a quick city break, usually I will also get an unavoidable social compromise on the same weekend. If I wish to wear a given velveteen dress to a special dinner or party, I will manage to spread some wine on it, which will require pricey dry cleaning.

Last weekend, Sebastian (my husband, in case you are wondering) was feeling rather poorly as a consequence of a cold he got.

Our original plans included an outing to the local food street market but as a precaution, we decided to stay indoors instead, and take the chance to cook some Moroccan food and binge watch Netflix.

Since he also felt a bit guilty about cancelling our plans, I tried to lift his spirits a bit by saying it was totally fine to have an unexpected Hygge weekend. He looked a bit doubtfully at me, and shamefacedly asked if Hygge was some kind of Ikea meatballs… I could not help myself but laugh at this cute question. Then, I tried to explain what Hygge means and found myself having a hard time to do so (I was not expecting this turn of the events when HE started laughing at me in return).

The thing is, you see, it is a truly difficult concept to explain since it means something different for every person. The commonly accepted modern definition for Hygge implies a feeling of coziness and contentment in everyday life, closely related to indoors and homely life.

But what does it applies to your own personal experience?

Well, that is pretty much up to you. For some people, it means drinking tea in their grandma china cups. For some other, it means to read a nice book by the fireplace.

As for me? Well, I inherited no china from Nanny, and as much I would love it, there is no fireplace in my Nordic-minimalist apartment either.

So how do I plan the perfect Hygge weekend?


Phow to plan the perfect hygge weekend


The first thing you should know is that I watch a lot of movies.

And by that, I truly mean LOADS of them. The latest superheroes Hollywood release? Checked. That strange little Serbian film about the old lady, who sells her soul in exchange for another life year in order to solve her family issues? Yes, I have watched that one too. I am a films lover: I like the good, the bad and everything in between. However, when I truly wish to feel cozy, I always choose classic movies. For some reason, they remind me of my childhood days when my mother used to sit and watch an old Hollywood movie every weekend. So, whenever I feel like staying indoors and truly relaxing, I select a nice classic and follow the next step in my routine, which means…

Preparing a nice warm tea cup

It will be usually something containing bergamot, flowers, and spices — my absolute favourites. During the cold months and if I feel extra fancy, I will make myself a Chai latte mug, complete with some decadent cinnamon topping. Then I will proceed to enjoy it while watching the aforementioned movie. Personally, I consider this the perfect combo.

The importance of comfy clothes

Now, I got a nice film and some delicious beverage, but I am always sure I feel comfy too, and this is where clothes become as important as the activity. It is just a question of common sense, but you don´t feel very comfortable wearing a tight pencil dress and heels at home, no matter how much you love them.

When I stay indoors, I usually choose some comfortable clothes which can replace pajamas but still feel like a second skin. During Winter, I will go for a nice chunky jumper and leggings. As for the warmer months, some nice Capri pants and t-shirt will do the treat. As long as it is elastic and a bit on the baggy side, it will be OK with me.


Another important factor for me on a long Hygge weekend is food.

We usually avoid Take Away in such days, since fast food can be satisfying but not very nourishing. Instead, we prefer to cook something a bit more creative: Asian Fusion, Italian, French cousin — you name it. Our last approach was an idea I got from Hello Fresh here, and that I simply loved. Their online recipe portfolio is a fantastic resource when we ran out of inspiration. After last weekend, I can guarantee their Moroccan lamb meatballs couscous is to die for.

However, if I am feeling a bit extra (and everyone who knows me will tell you I can be extra AF…), I will choose to indulge myself with some high end chocolate. I will neither confirm nor deny I am in first-name terms with the staff at my local Leonidas store…


As a bookworm, reading to relax is like a second nature to me. Catching up with my latest novel on a Saturday morning while sipping coffee, has the power to rinse my mind from any negative energy. I don’t really care about the reading material as long as it keeps me unwired classics, ghost stories, mistery novels… You name it!

Also, I truly enjoy either visiting the closest book store or searching online for a new ebook to read in advance. Even a look at my favourite magazines can do the trick.

Wind down

What I like the most about home days is decelerating the daily speed.

To me, it means to take the chance to ignore the phone alarm, waking up on natural sunlight, taking my time to get up and drinking a morning coffee. No hurries, no guilty feeling.

There is this little habit of mine, which consists on sitting with the coffee by my favourite window and simply looking outside. It might sound a bit weird, but I love to look at the trees, cars, and people walking their dogs. It brings me some solace and peace I cannot explain. I believe the reason is that I obligate myself to wind down.

And last but not least, every time I truly wish to enjoy some home cozy “me time”, I simply leave the phone out of reach. With this simple gesture, I guarantee I will not take it every fifteen minutes to check my Twitter, Instagram or whatever, but will properly rest or spend some quality time with my husband instead.

So what is your personal Hygge routine?

Any additions you can recommend to me?

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25 thoughts on “How to plan the perfect Hygge weekend: Allegra does Hygge

  1. HYGGE is a relatively new concept to me. But as an inborn lazy person, all these you mentioned above sound absolutely heavenly 🙂 ! But now I’m curious about the Serbian film. What’s it’s name?

    1. Oh, I made it up for the mere narrating shake. 😂 However, on the same style, I have recently watched an Iranian film called A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. Maybe you will find it interesting.

  2. It is so great to have such weekend every now and again, especially in winter time. I’ve first heard of Hygge in 2016 when I was in Copenhagen for my Erasmus internship and they explained to me that this is “the absence of everything unpleasant”.

    1. I love that definition! 💞 Well, I have read it was originally related to the comfort of finding shelter during a storm and I think that is beautiful too.

      But anyway, indoors weekends are very necessary once in a while, aren’t they?

      1. It is really beautiful. Of course they are. We can’t be running around all the time, even if we want to. 😛 Much needed rest and some “me” time is very important.

  3. I was not aware about this word till a fellow blogger’s post educated me. I love that how a single word captures a lot of small things that make us happy🤗 Sipping freshly brewed coffee in the morning while enjoying the sunlight streaming through my window is one of my small moments of absolute happiness💕 Thanks for sharing this post.


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